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We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

How can I maximize my iPad's battery run time?

Most iPads will use 10%-20% of the iPad's battery per hour, depending on settings. To maximize your iPad's battery run time, ForeFlight suggests closing all apps in background by using the double-click-trick (see below). Reduce Brightness, as much as practicable. Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot. All of these features increase battery use. Note: you may need Wifi and/or Bluetooth turned on, if you are using Stratus or an external GPS or bluetooth headset.

Adding an external charger will also increase the battery run time, however, some iPads will continue to lose charge, even with a charger attached. ForeFlight recommended chargers are here:

Here is the double-click-trick, which is used to stop apps that are running in background which continue to use battery:

1. Exit ForeFlight or any app currently running, and go to the main iPhone or iPad home screen
2. Press the button at the bottom of the iPhone/iPad twice in a row. A list of the last apps you've used should show slide up at the bottom of the screen, and the top part of the screen will go dark. If they don't slide up - please try again until they do.
3. Find the ForeFlight icon, and all other apps that do not need to be running, on that list at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the icon until it starts to wiggle, then tap the - sign in the top-left corner of the icon. This will stop the app from running in the background.
4. Tap on the center of the screen to return to normal.
5. Tap the ForeFlight Mobile icon.

Also, you may want to reboot your iPad.

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What is ForeFlight Mobile?

ForeFlight Mobile is the essential iPhone and iPad flight companion for any pilot. It's your single source for charts, plates, weather, airports, hotels, flight plan filing, and more. ForeFlight Mobile is a native iPhone/iPad application, meaning it runs on the device, giving a familiar visual experience and great responsiveness.

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What data is stored on the iPhone or iPad (or iPod touch)?

As much or as little as you want! Use the Downloads view to download the 'Airport Database' for airport details and A/FD country and state listings. Tap 'Download Settings' to select downloads for airport diagrams, procedures, VFR charts, IFR high charts, and IFR low charts.

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Which model iPad should I buy? What about accessories?

Please visit the ForeFlight iPad Buying Guide for our recommendations.

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Is there a difference when using ForeFlight products on iPod touch or iPad instead of the iPhone?

All ForeFlight iPhone applications work generally the same on the iPad and iPod touch as on the iPhone. There are minor exceptions to this though - SMS messages cannot be sent to an iPad or iPod, nor can phone numbers be auto-dialed from these devices. Additionally, the iPod touch requires WiFi access to use ForeFlight products.

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Does the iPhone version have the same features as the iPad version?

Due to the difference in screen size, the Documents and Plates 'organizer' features, ScratchPad feature, alphanumeric keyboard feature, Altitude Advisor, Procedure Advisor, Route Advisor, Runway Proximity Advisor and Traffic Pattern Advisor are available only on the iPad version.
To be clear, the iPhone does show approach plates, taxiway diagrams and procedures, but not the Plates 'organizer' feature, which is only on the iPad.

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Is XM or ADS-B weather supported? Can I get updated weather in flight?

Yes, ForeFlight Mobile now supports both XM and ADS-B (aka FIS-B).
For more on XM weather go here: or
For more about ADS-B/FIS-B go here:

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Are external GPS receivers supported?

Yes. Please view our announcement for external GPS support and then take a look at our buying guide for the latest recommended gear.

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Is ForeFlight Mobile a moving map?

Yes, ForeFlight Mobile supports moving map functions (such as viewing your current location on a IFR enroute or VFR sectional chart) as well as data readouts on the included heads-up display (speed, track, and GPS altitude, ETA/ETE information, and a lot more). With a ForeFlight Pro subscription, TrueTaxi and TruePlates are enabled, which display aircraft's position on approach plates and taxiway diagrams.

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Can I add data to the app?

Yes, ForeFlight Mobile includes a BYOP (bring-your-own-procedures) feature that lets you add PDF copies of procedures to airports. View our BYOP page for full instructions on how to use this feature. Additionally, you can create, name, and store your own waypoints which allows you to locate these on a map anytime and even include them in your routes and flight plans. View our import instructions to add waypoints in bulk.

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How much disk space does FFM require on the device?

With ForeFlight Mobile, you can store diagrams, procedures, and charts for the United States. The Download Manager lists the size of each download, so you can see how much space is required.

As an estimate, downloading diagrams, procedures, and charts for one state requires around 100-200MB of space for most states, with California (272MB), Texas (375MB), and Alaska (2GB) being the exceptions. Required downloads (the airport and navigation database and the world map) require about 50MB.

If you want to download all of the data for one region, reserve between 1GB to 2GB. Downloading all of the data available for the entire United States requires almost 8GB. We recommend not selecting Alaska, as it requires over 2GB.

Downloading all of the documents and handbooks available in the United States requires almost another 1GB.

Downloading all of the data available for Canada requires 1.5GB, or about 1GB if you don't select Arctic Circle. Also, pilots usually download the data update a few days before the 28 day cutover, so it is possible to have 2 times 8GB = 16GB of ForeFlight data during this time, just for the US, and not including Canada nor download of any Documents.

The sizes above are disk requirements, and do not include the optional High Resolution Terrain data.

The sizes listed on the Downloads view are the size of the download (how much bandwidth is used to download it), not the final size of the item once it's installed.

The High-Resolution Terrain bundles are highly compressed. Once they are installed on disk (unzipped), they take up more space:
- United States is a 247MB download, 1GB on disk
- Mexico/Caribbean/Central America is 98MB download, 737MB on disk
- Canada is a 325MB download, 1.1GB on disk
- Alaska is a 51MB download, 927MB on disk
- Worldwide low-res terrain map is a 60MB download, 313MB on disk

Airport Database is also compressed - 38MB download and takes 290MB of space on disk.

The rest of the downloads (plates, charts, documents) are not decompressed on disk, and the installed files match the size of the downloaded files.

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How do I update charts, plates, and the airport database?

ForeFlight Mobile has a download manager designed to make selecting, downloading, and updating your data easy- whether you like to store a little or a lot. Tap the Downloads icon from within the ForeFlight Mobile app. The Download Manager allows you to select the types of items you want to download and store on your device. ForeFlight Mobile will contact our servers and display the available updates. If you download updates that are not yet effective (future data sets) they will automatically be used by the software when they become effective. The download manager lets you pause a download and resume it later.

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How do I know my data is current?

ForeFlight Mobile displays effective and expiration dates for the airport data that is stored on your device. This information is accessible on an airport's details view or from the Downloads view. If you view expired data, a red banner will display across on the screen to make sure you know.
Additionally, FFM will show you a notification when new data sets are posted to our servers. To update your data set, simply use the Download Manager as described in the 'How do I update...' FAQ item. We post these data sets one week before they become effective.

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How much does ForeFlight Mobile cost?

The app is always a free download from the app store, though it requires a subscription to use. Please see our Subscription FAQ for information on subscription pricing.

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When does my subscription start?

Your subscription starts immediately upon purchase of any paid plan purchased via the ForeFlight website. The free period ends upon purchase of any paid subscription made via

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What is included during the free period?

During the free period, ForeFlight Mobile includes access to all features except for bulk downloading of plates and charts via the Download Manager. Bulk downloading of plates and charts requires a paid subscription. The free period ends upon purchase of a paid subscription made via

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How do I buy ForeFlight Mobile?

The app is always a free download from the app store, though it requires a subscription to use. Visit the App Store (using iTunes on your desktop or the App Store icon on your phone) to download ForeFlight Mobile. View our Pricing and Subscriptions FAQ for more information.

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Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You can download ForeFlight Mobile for free from the app store. Your download includes a free one month lite subscription. Visit the App Store to download ForeFlight Mobile or our Subscriptions FAQ for more information.

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Do CFIs get ForeFlight Mobile for free?

We currently don't offer a CFI discount program in ForeFlight Mobile.

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Is my home airport in ForeFlight Mobile?

Probably! You can download ForeFlight Mobile and give it a one month test drive to see what it supports. If you have any questions, drop us a note at

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Is ForeFlight Mobile supported outside the United States?

Yes! We support a large number of international airports! Weather data is less complete for some international airports. Additionally, flight plan filing, sectional/IFR charts, and approach plates are currently only supported for the U.S.
Starting with ForeFlight Mobile v4.1, we now offer Canadian IFR coverage from NAV CANADA. Visit the ForeFlight Canada FAQ to learn more.
ForeFlight Mobile users includes a BYOP (bring-your-own-procedures) feature that lets you add PDF copies of procedures to airports. View our BYOP page for full instructions on how to use this feature. Additionally, you can create, name, and store your own waypoints which allows you to locate these on a map anytime and even include them in your routes and flight plans. View our import instructions to add waypoints in bulk.
If you have specific questions about international data, please contact us.

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What do the colored circles mean beside airport listings?

Those are flight rule icons - green means "VFR", blue means "MVFR", red means "IFR", hot pink means "LIFR", and gray means "unknown".

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Why am I seeing a No Radar Available crosshatch (or No Satellite Available) on the Maps page?

You have selected the Radar Map on the Maps page, but you have no internet, ADS-B or XM weather data source. Just unselect the Radar map until you have access to the Radar data.

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What do the symbols on the radar mean?

Please see this page for a legend of radar symbology

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What do the black lines with black dots mean on the radar?

These are storm tracks. When storm cell paths are reasonably predictable, you will see a set of lines with circles spaced at intervals extending out from a storm cell. These track indicators show where that storm will be in 20, 40, and 60 minutes. The track lines make it easier to judge where a storm is headed and the speed at which it is moving.

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What does the Lock button do for approach plates?

The Lock button prevents the view from auto-rotating or zooming/panning when you tilt your iPad or iPhone.
It also prevents zooming and panning. On the iPad, the physcial switch directly above the volume buttons (on the right side of the iPad) can also be configured to be a 'Lock Rotation' switch.

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How do I delete a Route on the iPhone?

Routes on the iPhone are stored under Favorites. From the main ForeFlight page, tap Favorites, then tap Routes, then tap Edit top-right. Tap the red minus sign next to the Route you want to delete.

Alternatively, if you want delete the current Route, then from the main ForeFlight page, tap Routes, then tap the x at the right end of the Search box. Now you can enter a new Route. (The previous Route will show until you enter the new Route.)

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How do I view a route in ForeFlight Mobile?

Simply perform a search for multiple airport IDs and/or NAVAIDs, separating each by a space. For instance, search for KSFO KDEN KJFK to view that route. Recently issued ATC route data will also be shown when available.

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Do I have to download data using the Downloads view?

When your device is online ForeFlight Mobile will automatically grab any data it needs from the internet, whether you've used the Downloads view or not.
You should use the Downloads view to store any charts or procedures you'll want to view offline (i.e., in the cockpit). You will also see faster data access when the data has been downloaded using the Downloads view, even when online.

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When are new downloads available? When does the data become active?

The FAA and NAV CANADA use the same 28-day and 56-day schedules for issuing data updates. New data always becomes active on a Thursday morning at 9:00 zulu. You will be able to download these updates inside ForeFlight Mobile 4 days ahead of time, on the Sunday before the data becomes active.

If you download data early, it does not show up inside the app until it becomes active. The first time you open ForeFlight Mobile after the new data becomes active, the new data starts being used and then the old data is deleted from your iPad or iPhone. This all happens automatically inside ForeFlight Mobile - you don't have to perform any additional steps.

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Are data downloads secure and verified?

Yes. All ForeFlight data is downloaded over a secure SSL connection. This includes the airport and navigation database, instrument procedures, airport diagrams, sectionals, and IFR enroute charts.

After a download is complete, ForeFlight Mobile performs MD5 checksum validations on the download data to ensure data was not corrupted during the download. Additional pieces of the downloaded data are opened and tested inside the app. If any of the validation steps fail, the data is deleted from the iPad and the download is attempted again.

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How do I find the distance between two airports in ForeFlight Mobile?

Simply create a route as described above. For example, to find the distance between KMIA and KATL search for KMIA KATL. The resulting route view will show the distance as well as the initial magnetic heading to fly from Miami to Atlanta.

Alternatively, distances can be measured on the Maps view at any time by holding down two fingers on the map until the ruler appears. The ruler can be moved across the map to take measurements between any locations. The ruler is also handy for quickly visualizing great-circle (direct) routes between two points.

When using the ruler in flight, the current groundspeed will be used to show the time of travel for the distance measured. When not in flight, the TAS from your current route or default aircraft will be used instead.

Fuel burn estimates are also shown using the fuel burn provided for the current route or from the default aircraft.

All time and fuel estimates are based on no-wind conditions.

Here is a video:

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What do the colors mean for weather report ages?

A weather report's age will show in red if it is older than 60 minutes or orange if older than 30 minutes.

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How many devices can I use my subscription on?

The 1-Pilot subscription allows you to use ForeFlight Mobile on 1-iPad + 1-iPhone + 1-iPod Touch, simultaneously, plus a second iPad as a backup device (total 2-iPads). All devices are to be used by the same pilot.

The "2-iPads" can be any mix of the iPad Mini or the full-size iPad.

For multi-pilot subscriptions of 2-Pilots or more, each pilot may use ForeFlight Mobile on 1-iPad + 1-iPhone + 1-iPod Touch (no second iPad as backup).

Please do not share your username and password with a friend, as your account will be locked out.

Here are instructions on how to install and activate ForeFlight Mobile over Wifi, directly to your device:

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What are 'ATC routes'?

These are routings that have been recently issued by ATC for your selected departure and arrival airports. Often these routes pertain to commercial jets, but some routes will apply to aircraft not flying in the flight levels.

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Why does the app say 'Account in Use' when I try to sign in?

You can use your subscription simultaneously on one iPhone, one iPad and one iPod Touch. If you're upgrading to a new device, you need to sign out on your old device before you'll be able to sign-in on the new one. Click here for instructions on signing out of your account.

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I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it?

You can use the Accounts view within ForeFlight Mobile to retrieve your password. In the ForeFlight Account section, tap Sign In. Enter the email address associated with your ForeFlight subscription and tap the Forgot Password? button.

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How do I work with my Account, where do I login?

Your ForeFlight account is managed inside the ForeFlight Mobile app. Launch the ForeFlight Mobile app (it has a silver sun on the icon) on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap the Accounts icon. From the Account view you can log in, sign out, or reset/change your ForeFlight password.

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Can I use a Jailbroken device?

Some apps installed on a Jailbroken device have been found to affect in-app purchasing. This can prevent the purchase of a subscription. It is recommended that a non-jailbroken device be used to make in-app purchases.

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Do I need 3G or 4G to use ForeFlight Mobile?

A lot of folks are confused about the need for 3G or 4G. All charts and data are downloaded to your device, preferably over Wifi, *prior* to takeoff. ForeFlight recommends that you turn *off* 3G/4G/Cellular Data and Wifi during flight. There are 2 reasons to choose the 3G/4G version over the Wifi-only version of iPad:
1) The 3G/4G-model includes the internal GPS chip, however, the Wifi-only does not include the internal GPS chip. The Moving Map and Geo-referencing require the internal GPS chip (ie 3G-model) or an external GPS.
2) To use the 3G/4G/Cellular Data feature to access the internet where there is no Wifi.
BTW, you can activate the 3G/4G feature and change your plan at any time. There is no contract for 3G/4G service. 250MB per month should be adequate for most ForeFlight Mobile users.

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Should I use an external GPS with my iPad or iPhone?

The answer depends on the aircraft you fly.

If you fly a typical GA aircraft at less than 200kts and below 12k, then we recommend the 32GB iPad 2 or 3, Wifi+3G/4G model. The "+3G/4G" adds two things: 3G/4G cellular internet access and the internal GPS chip. The internal GPS chip is fully adequate for the aircraft described above.

If you fly a pressurized, fast mover at the flight levels, then you will need to add an external GPS. And with the external GPS you will no longer need the "+3G/4G" feature unless you want 3G/4G cellular internet access.

ForeFlight Mobile currently recommends the Bad Elf or the DUAL external GPS, which can be found on our Buying Guide page:

Also, if you will be purchasing the Stratus ADS-B receiver, then you can use the WAAS GPS in the Stratus.

More about Stratus here:

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Can I use GPS when offline?

The iPhone's and iPad 3G's GPS receiver will work when you do not have an internet connection, however it is turned off when the phone is in 'Airplane mode'.

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Why can't I get a good location fix?

Please view these tips. If you are using a first generation iPhone or an iPod touch (or the wifi-only iPad) then a location can only be determined when you are near cellular and/or WiFi stations. Even when that is the case, your location may be off by as much as a few miles. On the newer iPhones (3G, 3GS, and 4) and the iPad 3G the built-in GPS receiver gives much better and faster location information, however GPS only works when you are near a window or outside. This GPS receiver is required in order to show speed, course, and altitude.

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How do I access airport info on the Maps page?

Tapping on a either a Map data marker (eg: Flight Rules, Temperarture, etc) or an airport marker in a Route on the Maps page will bring up the iPhone-style Airport page.

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How do I update an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch product?

Please see this instructions page.

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How do I re-install an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch product?

You can re-install an application you previously purchased through the Apple App Store by deleting it and re-purchasing it using the same iTunes account you originally used to buy the product. To delete the application, hold your finger on the ForeFlight icon until all the icons wiggle. Then press the X button on the ForeFlight icon. Then press the 'home' button under the screen to get back to normal mode. You should also delete the application from your iTunes as well by viewing the 'applications' section of your 'library' and deleting the ForeFlight icon. Now simply purchase the application again from the App Store - it will initially appear that you will be charged again but as the application starts to download you will be notified that your download will be free. NOTE: For subscription products like ForeFlight Mobile, you may need to sign in to the application to restore your previously paid-for subscription. If you buy another plan you will be charged and the additional time will be added to your account. Please see the Pricing and Subscriptions FAQ for more information on subscriptions.

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Are there temperatures that will cause Stratus to automatically shut off?

Yes, Stratus will turn itself off if the battery temperature reaches -20 C (- 4 F) or + 65 C (+ 149 F).. It is designed to be operated between 0 C and 40 C.

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What Satellite coverage is provided when ForeFlight Mobile is connected to the Internet?

Combined visible and infrared satellite maps are provided for North America. Infrared satellite imagery is available worldwide. Visible satellite is not available after sunset.

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The moving map is working correctly, but the Airplane Location Marker is not shown.

Tap More bottom-right, tap Settings top-left, then at the bottom-right-column set Disable Ownship to OFF. The Airplane Location Marker should now be seen on the moving map.

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What is the coverage area for the Lightning map when ForeFlight Mobile is connected to the Internet?

The lightning map displays lightning data from around the world.

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How often do your check with the FAA for new TFRs?

ForeFlight servers download current TFR data every 15 minutes from the FAA server. This data is then displayed in the app if connected to an internet connection.

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I understand that ForeFlight Mobile stores 2 sets of Downloads, both the active downloads and the new downloads, if I download the new downloads before the active active downloads expire. But after the new data is activated, I see that the old data is still taking up storage space. How long before the expired downloads are removed from iPad/iPhone memory?

For performance reasons, we delete those expired downloads slowly in the background. However, you can remove them quickly: Tap open Downloads, then tap Delete, then tap Delete Expired.

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How do I show Radar animation?

Radar animation is available only when connected to the internet, just tap the "play" button on the lower center of the Maps page. XM Radar and Stratus ADS-B Radar do not currently provide radar animation.

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Will my Bose Model A20 headset work with ForeFlight Mobile and the Runway Proximity Advisor™?

The Bose A20 headset does not support "music" via bluetooth, even though the headset will allow "phone" connections via bluetooth. Since the Runway Proximity Advisor™ alerts play via "music" they can't be heard on the Bose headsets via bluetooth.
You can purchase a male-male 3.5mm cord and plug the iPad's headphone jack into the 3.5mm port on the A20 control box (see screenshot from the manual) or if your audio panel has an audio-in port, you could plug it in there.
Some pilots have reported that using the Blulink works to add Bluetooth to their headset.

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How can I open or launch ForeFlight Mobile from other apps?

ForeFlight Mobile supports a URL scheme that other apps can trigger on iOS. We have details on that here.

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What is the coverage area for winds aloft forecasts when ForeFlight Mobile is connected to the Internet?

Winds aloft forecasts are available worldwide from the surface to 54,000'.

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Why don't I see an update in the App Store for my ForeFlight product?

There are two typical causes for this problem. The first is that you may be running an old version of the iPhone/iPad operating system. To update to the newest version please see this Apple information. If you are running the newest operating system, then the Apple servers may be experiencing a high load - this can prevent the ForeFlight update notification. In this case you can upgrade by re-downloading the ForeFlight application. Please see the FAQ item on re-installing ForeFlight for free.

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What weather data is available after take off, if I do not have a data source ( e.g.: Internet, XM or ADS-B) in the cockpit?

A general rule is that in flight you'll only have access to what you last viewed on the ground, minus Radar and Satellite Maps. So to "preflight" your weather data, do the following:

1) view the Airport pages for Origination, Destination, Alternates and other airports of interest, then
2) view at least 1 fuel map, and this will get you all data for both fuel maps: Jet A and 100LL, and then
3) view at least 1 of METAR-based maps (TFRs, AIR/SIGMETs, Flight rules, Temperature, Dew point spread, Visibility, Wind, Ceiling, Sky coverage, PIREPs and Lightning), and this will get you all data for all of these maps.

Radar and Satellite Maps, and Imagery are not downloadable.

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Does ForeFlight Mobile provide a logbook (aka log book, pilot log) function?

ForeFlight has integrated with Coradine's LogTen Pro, Please see the ForeFlight Mobile Pilot's Guide for more details.

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Can I import my own collection User Waypoints in a csv or kml format?

Yes, bulk import of User Waypoints is described here:

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What Radar coverage is provided when ForeFlight Mobile is connected to the Internet?

ForeFlight Mobile displays composite reflectivity radar data for the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Western Bahamas, and Canada.

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How do I fix a problem with my computer not being authorized to install a ForeFlight iPhone/iPad product?

You probably need to authorize your copy of iTunes. Use the 'Authorize computer...' item in the 'Store' menu in iTunes and then sync your phone again.

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