Aircraft Data Analyst

Houston, TX

Job Description:

A ForeFlight Aircraft Data Analyst collects, analyzes and evaluates aircraft data (performance, weight & balance and more). A person in this role will use various techniques and tools to capture aircraft data and create models which are applied within ForeFlight.

Great emphasis is placed on the ability to self-check all work and provide high quality and accurate results within ForeFlight’s Aircraft Data requirements and within a timely fashion. Deep knowledge of aircraft types, capabilities, and the aviation industry as a whole is beneficial.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work independently to collect, analyze, evaluate, and model aircraft flight planning performance and weight & balance data from a variety of sources, including technical charts and data sources.
  • Maintain flight planning performance and weight & balance databases for a library of aircraft.
  • Develop software tools to assist in aircraft modeling efforts and data quality control.
  • Assimilate customer feedback for use as a benchmark in evaluating model accuracy.
  • Work cooperatively with internal teams to assist and provide guidance and expertise with any aircraft data related issues.
  • Other duties as assigned by team lead & manager.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Private pilot license required, Instrument rating a benefit
  • Deep knowledge of aircraft manuals (POH/AFM), associated performance and weight & balance data, and procedures within, including reading, interpreting, and using technical/graphical charts and data.
  • Comfortable familiarity with aircraft performance, weight and balance, and other aircraft data and associated concepts.
  • Uncompromising dedication to provide results with the highest accuracy
  • Strong spreadsheet skills (pivot table, use of advanced functions, VBA/Javascript)
  • Strong problem-solving and mathematical skills, especially in context of interpreting graphical and tabular data and how to model these data for use within algorithms.
  • Programming and git version control experience a big plus.
  • Python experience a plus.
  • Atlassian product knowledge, including Confluence, Bitbucket and JIRA, a plus.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Effective keyboard skills.
  • Professionalism, organization, time management skills.


Requires a bachelor’s degree in area of specialty and 1-2 years of experience in the field or in a related field.

About ForeFlight, LLC:

ForeFlight produces the best selling iPad and iPhone app for pilots flying personal and business aircraft, corporate flight departments, and aircraft operators. Customers include individual pilots worldwide, Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, state and federal agencies, leading operators, and leading aircraft OEMs. We have been in the App Store since Day 1 (7/10/2008) and are consistently ranked in the top 50 grossing iPad apps in the App Store. 

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Our Houston office is located in the River Oaks area, our downtown Austin office is located at 621 E 6th St, just a short walk from the MetroRail station, and our downtown Portland office is located on Commercial street. We are a product-focused company where software development and customer service are the top priorities. Our software development team hails from Trinity University, Rice University, Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Clemson. We score 12 out of 12 on the Joel Test. We love shipping.

If you’ve contributed to any open source projects, make sure to include links to relevant code. If you are a recent graduate, please include a copy of your transcript. In your cover letter, please indicate any aviation experience and list any relocation preferences or constraints.