Aircraft Performance Engineer

Houston, TX

Job Description:

ForeFlight is seeking an experienced Aircraft Performance Engineer to join the aircraft performance data team at our Houston based office. In this position, you will be responsible for the accuracy and oversight of the daily work produced by the team in the aircraft performance and weight & balance disciplines. Additional work duties include quality assurance of data and models, provide education and training around aircraft performance topics to the performance team members, as well as provide support to customer inquiries related to aircraft performance and weight & balance. You will work in cooperation with the performance team lead to ensure high work efficiency, and accurate and timely task completion.

As our ideal candidate, you must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace or aeronautical engineering
  • Have a minimum of 6 years experience in aerodynamics, flight mechanics and aircraft performance
  • Have a solid understanding of FAA, EASA and Transport Canada certification requirements and how they relate to aircraft performance
  • Be proficient in reading and using Airplane Flight Manuals, weight & balance manuals as well as flight operations performance data manuals
  • Be proficient in numerical and data analysis using Excel, Python or equivalent
  • Provide technical solutions to complex problems that require ingenuity and creativity
  • Have interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with a variety of individuals and teams
  • Have well-developed written and verbal communication skills
  • Monitor developments in the aviation industry for trends or changes that will affect aircraft performance, operations, or regulation
  • Be U.S. Persons as defined by the ITAR requirements (22 CFR 120.15)

Having knowledge and experience with the following is a strong plus, but not required:

  • Software development languages, processes, and concepts
  • Experience with electronic flight bag solutions
  • Hold a pilot's license

About ForeFlight, LLC:

ForeFlight produces the best selling iPad and iPhone app for pilots flying personal and business aircraft, corporate flight departments, and aircraft operators. Customers include individual pilots worldwide, Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, state and federal agencies, leading operators, and leading aircraft OEMs. We have been in the App Store since Day 1 (7/10/2008) and are consistently ranked in the top 50 grossing iPad apps in the App Store. 

We are known as a leader in aviation and software development because we build exceptional products and hire skilled employees. Over the last decade, we have not only revolutionized the pilot’s flight bag but serve customers across the world and touch all segments of aviation. Our drive for innovation is why we won Aviation Week’s Laureate Award for Best New Product, received Flying Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award four times, and are featured in Apple’s “Dreams” iPhone commercial.

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Our Houston office is located in the River Oaks area, our downtown Austin office is located at 621 E 6th St, just a short walk from the MetroRail station, and our downtown Portland office is located on Commercial street. We are a product-focused company where software development and customer service are the top priorities. Our software development team hails from Trinity University, Rice University, Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Clemson. We score 12 out of 12 on the Joel Test. We love shipping.

If you’ve contributed to any open source projects, make sure to include links to relevant code. If you are a recent graduate, please include a copy of your transcript. In your cover letter, please indicate any aviation experience and list any relocation preferences or constraints.