ForeFlight Dispatch

See how Dispatch’s industry-leading collaborative flight planning capabilities can provide greater efficiency and productivity for flight departments of any size.

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In This Webinar:

This webinar covers every major aspect of Dispatch, from viewing and monitoring flight plans to planning, filing, and releasing flights to crew members via ForeFlight Mobile.

We will walk through the planning process for three flights of increasing complexity to show how easily Dispatch can handle each:

  • A coast-to-coast U.S. domestic flight
  • A transatlantic flight requiring ETP/ETOPS
  • A Dubai-UK flight with route constraints to avoid dangerous airspace.

The webinar presenters are Caitlin Galloway, our Customer Success Team Lead, and Daniel Dahl, the Lead Engineer for Dispatch.

Who Should Watch?

Dispatchers, Self-dispatch Pilots, Schedulers, DO's, and anyone who has a hand in trip planning for a Part 91 or Part 135 flight department.



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