Learn how Trip Assistant, ForeFlight's door-to-door flight and fuel stop planner, can help you answer the question, "When do I need to leave to arrive on time?"

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In this webinar:

See how Trip Assistant can reduce your flight planning workload. Real-world scenarios illustrate:

  • How fast and accurately you can compute total door-to-door trip time – including flight, stopover, and drive times.
  • How Fuel Stop Advisor automatically suggests stopovers that minimize trip time and fuel costs (and conveniently displays your contract Jet-A pricing).
  • How Trip Assistant's flexible forward and backward planning can meet the needs of any flight.
  • How easily you can locate nearby airports when searching for an address, business name, or place name.
  • How integrated traffic forecasts saves you the effort (and frustration) of guessing what the roads will be like.

Who Should Watch?

Schedulers, Dispatchers, Self-dispatch Pilots, Executive Assistants, and anyone who has a hand in trip planning for a Part 91 or Part 135 flight department.

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