Dispatch’s API allows ForeFlight to integrate with scheduling software providers and enterprise systems to load new flight plans into Dispatch. Additional capabilities include flight paperwork management, custom airport management, saved routes, and more. Learn more about integration potential by reviewing the API documentation

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Jeppesen Operator is a complete solution that consolidates your operational and flight support systems including aircraft and crew scheduling, trip planning, and schedule optimization into one seamless solution. Sync flight information and retrieve ForeFlight's Navlog and Briefing documents as a part of the Operator workflow.

Honeywell Forge connects your operations with in-flight connectivity, cockpit datalink communications, real time tracking, and 24x7 support. Contact ForeFlight at success@foreflight.com to start automatically sending flight plan to Forge today!

Create and change flight schedules using the most up to date information with BART. Automatically receive scheduled flights in ForeFlight Dispatch and easily update enroute times in BART with those computed by ForeFlight's flight planning engine. More information is available here.

PFM Scheduling is customized to reduce duplication of effort and allow all parties, from schedulers, to crew and passengers, be informed and part of the process. Contact PFM here for more information.

Flightdocs Flight Operations provides a single platform to manage every aspect of your flight department including full-featured flight scheduling. Contact customerservice@flightdocs.com to find out more. 

Leon is a comprehensive flight scheduling and operations software, which automatically sends scheduled flights to Dispatch every five minutes. More information is available here

Airplane Manager is an integrated flight operations software with intuitive flight scheduling. To enable the integration, generate an API Key in ForeFlight Dispatch and paste it into in Airplane Manager in Settings > Integrations > ForeFlight.

TripPlanning.Biz is a self-serve solution that simplifies the trip planning process for corporate flight departments. To configure the integration, generate an API Key and paste it into the Integrations section of the Configuration menu in TripPlanning.Biz.

BSFOM is a crew and aircraft scheduling application that supports both automatic and manual flight syncing to keep flight details in sync with ForeFlight. Contact BSFOM to learn more.


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