iPhone & iPad Design Improvements

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A Better, More Consistent Experience Across Mobile Platforms

ForeFlight on the iPhone now shares the same Tab Bar navigation design as on the iPad, making it easier to navigate between different app views. If you use ForeFlight Mobile on both your iPad and iPhone, then these interface improvements will make transitioning between your two devices much easier. For iPhone-only users, accessing the different areas of the app will be much more intuitive. With the new Flights view on iPhone, you can plan, brief, and file flight plans faster than ever before.

Familiar Tab Bar Navigation

The biggest change for iPhone users is the addition of the same Tab Bar Navigation as on the iPad. ForeFlight Mobile's Tab Bar Navigation makes it easy to move from one app view to another with just a single tap.

Airports View

The Airports view has the same layout, with a couple of key enhancements. Along the top of the view you have quick access to the Search bar, Recents and Favorites, the View on Map button, and Nearby Airports button.

Maps View & Flight Planning

The top navigation bar in the Maps view on the iPhone is now identical to iPad. In addition, the full NavLog, Reverse button, Route Advisor, Pack, and the Send To button are just a tap away in the FPL (flight plan) drawer.

Get to 'More' Faster

The More view on iPhone makes it easy to jump between features like Checklists or Logbook and other app views. ForeFlight saves your position in More so you can always pick up right where you left off.

Get More Map in Landscape Mode

The refreshed Landscape mode on the Maps view provides options in the top navigation bar that match the iPad, and more map viewing area thanks to a space-efficient toolbar.