Support / FAQs

We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    What Canadian information is available inside ForeFlight?

    ForeFlight Mobile has airport information, plates, IFR charts, composite radar, satellite, and lightning strikes for Canada. We partnered with NAV CANADA to bring instrument approach and departure procedures from the Canadian Air Pilot (CAP), as well as full IFR high enroute charts and IFR low enroute charts. In ForeFlight Mobile 4.1 and higher, the CAP information is available in the Airports view and the IFR charts are in the Maps view. The Maps view also includes radar, satellite, and other weather maps for Canada.
    To see what's available inside the app, please download ForeFlight Mobile from the App Store. This is a free download and includes a free period with all of the Canadian content.

    Can I have both US and Canada coverage as part of my subscription?

    Yes. Every subscription includes one geographical region, such as the US or Canada, but you can add a second region to any subscription for $100. Purchase the upgrade on our web site and make sure to use the same email address as your existing subscription so we can give you pro-rated credit.

    Are Canadian charts and plates authorized for in-flight use?

    Yes. NAV CANADA digital charts are authorized for use in IFR flights, subject to Part VI of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Canadian operators who wish to use ForeFlight and its NAV CANADA charting products can obtain authorization by following the guidance materials contained in the Transport Canada Advisory Circular No. 700-020.

    Are the Canadian instrument procedures geo-referenced?

    Yes, if you have a Pro or Pro Plus subscription plan with Canadian data. All subscription plans with Canadian data include all of the approaches, departures, arrivals and airport diagrams from the Canadian Air Pilot (CAP) library. With the Pro or Pro Plus plan, those procedures that are drawn to scale are geo-referenced and will display your ownship position on the chart. The Plates view of the app allows you to organize these charts into binders.

    Do Canadian subscriptions include VNC charts?

    Yes, ForeFlight Mobile includes Nav Canada VNCs and VTAs as part of any subscription with Canadian coverage.

    Additionally, subscriptions with US coverage include FAA VFR sectionals and Low & High IFR charts, covering limited portions of southern New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.

    Are Winds Aloft provided for Canada?

    Yes, Winds Aloft are provided on the Airports page and in the Maps NavLog, but not in Imagery.

    Are Canadian STARs and SIDs supported for flight planning?

    The Canadian STARs charts and SIDs charts are included with the Canadian subscription, and can be found, on the Airport page under Procedures. However, you are currently unable to enter the STARs and SIDs to a flight plan by name. At this time, you will need to enter each waypoint which defines a particular STAR or SID, into the Route or Flight Plan. Most waypoints defining the STARs and SIDs are in the FFM database.

    Is the FAA's limited Canadian coverage available in the ForeFlight Canada subscription?

    Yes, pilots flying in Canada can now purchase a subscription to Canadian data, including all Nav Canada VNCs and VTAs, as well as IFR Low and High charts, and NavCanada publications. Visit our pricing page for details and to purchase a subscription or add Canadian data to your existing plan.

    Additionally, the US subscriptions of ForeFlight Mobile, include the US FAA VFR and Low & High IFR charts, covering limited portions of southern New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.

    What does the Canada download setting for Arctic Circle do?

    The IFR enroute chart downloads for Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, and Atlantic Ocean are each split into two downloads: below the Arctic Circle (66° 33′ 44″ latitude), and above the Arctic Circle. If you do not select Arctic Circle, it will only download the charts below the Arctic Circle for the territories you selected. If you do select Arctic Circle, it will add those downloads for your territories. For example, if you select Yukon, Nunavut, and Arctic Circle, you will be prompted to download 4 files: Yukon, Yukon (Arctic Circle), Nunavut, Nunavut (Arctic Circle).
    The charts above the Arctic Circle are very big downloads - over 600MB for each data cycle - so we recommend you do not select Arctic Circle unless you will need those charts.

    Are Canadian NOTAMs available?

    ForeFlight Mobile does not currently provide Canadian NOTAMs. US FAA NOTAMs are available for a few major Canadian ports of entry.

    Are the RCAP (“Restricted Canada Air Pilot”) procedures available?

    No, we found issues with the NAV CANADA sources that require some correction by them before publication.