Jeppesen's global charts, terrain, obstacles, and NavData® are available in ForeFlight Mobile. Here are some helpful FAQs about the ForeFlight and Jeppesen partnership.

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What are the details of the new alliance between Jeppesen and ForeFlight?

Through a contractual relationship, Jeppesen and ForeFlight are teaming up to provide pilots and flight departments with quality, reliable, high-performance tools that address the challenges they face in rapidly changing operational environments. Jeppesen charts are available now on ForeFlight Mobile and a joint product for airlines and other large-scale users will be available in Q1 2018.

General and Business Aviation customers have access to global Jeppesen NavData®, terrain, and obstacle data, and also have the option to add Jeppesen’s industry-leading library of terminal, enroute, SID and STAR charts on the ForeFlight Mobile app. Early in 2018, a next-generation FliteDeck Pro offering will be built upon the functionality of the recently released FliteDeck Pro version 3.0/9.0. This alliance will advance the development and delivery of innovative products and services faster than either organization could deliver on its own.

What ForeFlight Mobile features and capabilities are enhanced by the ForeFlight-Jeppesen partnership?

The partnership offers pilots a one-stop-shop for all of their flight planning, weather, and charting needs. Jeppesen's FMS-grade navigation data is integrated into ForeFlight's innovative data-driven Aeronautical Maps, Procedure Advisor, and other parts of the app that display airspace, airway, navaid, airport, and, waypoint information. In addition, ForeFlight's hazard awareness technology uses Jeppesen's high-resolution worldwide terrain and obstacle database. Synthetic Vision, Hazard Advisor, and Terrain Profile view are available anywhere in the world.

Can I view Jeppesen charts on ForeFlight Mobile?

Yes, ForeFlight pilots have access to Jeppesen's comprehensive global chart library of terminal, arrival, and departure procedures, as well as data-driven enroute charts* inside ForeFlight Mobile. You can link your active Jeppesen subscription or purchase desired Jeppesen chart coverages directly from ForeFlight. We have outlined some common purchasing scenarios below. Click here to view the Jeppesen chart coverages that are available for Individuals (vs. multi-pilot flight departments).

*Please note the following devices do not support the Jeppesen enroute chart download: iPad Mini (1st Gen), iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, and iPhone 5.

Is the cost of my ForeFlight subscription going to increase?

No, you will only incur additional costs when you elect to purchase Jeppesen chart coverage.

Do I have to upgrade my ForeFlight subscription to add Jeppesen charts?

No, Jeppesen charts are available as an option for all ForeFlight individual and business plans.

Do I have to pay extra for Jeppesen NavData® in ForeFlight Mobile?

No, all customers benefit from having Jeppesen NavData®, terrain, and obstacles in ForeFlight Mobile without any additional cost.

Will I lose access to the FAA or NAV CANADA charts if I activate Jeppesen charts in ForeFlight Mobile?

No, Jeppesen enroute charts, terminal charts, and airport diagrams are another option in addition to FAA and NAV CANADA charts inside ForeFlight Mobile.

Is there a plan to add ForeFlight Mobile to Android or Windows?

Currently, there are no plans for an Android or Windows version of ForeFlight.

Will Jeppesen terminal charts be geo-referenced in ForeFlight Mobile?

Yes, approach procedures, taxi diagrams, and many departure and arrival charts are geo-referenced so that you can view your aircraft ownship on the chart. This feature, along with Plates on Maps, requires a ForeFlight Pro, Pro Plus, Performance Plus, or business subscription.

Will I be able to use ForeFlight Mobile to wirelessly update the Jeppesen database for my Garmin avionics using Garmin Concierge/FlightStream 510?

No, the Garmin Concierge wireless database update feature is not supported in ForeFlight Mobile.

Can I try Jeppesen in ForeFlight for free before I purchase a coverage?

A free trial of Jeppesen charts on ForeFlight Mobile is not available at this time.

Purchasing & Integration for Individuals

ForeFlight and Jeppesen have worked closely to ensure a smooth purchasing integration. You can select your coverages and purchase via a secure and seamless e-commerce experience on, or link your active Jeppesen subscription inside of ForeFlight Mobile. Purchasing Jeppesen charts from ForeFlight is fast, easy, and has the added benefit of syncing subscription renewal timing. We have also outlined common buying scenarios below to help you prepare for your purchase.

Watch: Purchase through ForeFlight

Watch: Link Your Existing Jeppesen


How do I free up a coverage from another app and then activate in ForeFlight Mobile?

This video will walk you through how to deactivate an existing Jeppesen coverage license in JeppFD and then activate that license in ForeFlight Mobile.

Watch: Deactivate Jeppesen coverage in JeppFD

I have a single pilot subscription with Jeppesen and a ForeFlight Mobile subscription.

You have a couple of options in this scenario:

  1. Keep your current Jeppesen subscription. You can link your Jeppesen account inside the ForeFlight Mobile app using your Jeppesen credentials. Please note that this option uses one Jeppesen license (seat) per device. If you don't have any Jeppesen licenses available, see this FAQ for instructions on uninstalling a license from other devices or applications.

  2. Contact Jeppesen to cancel your Jeppesen subscription and repurchase through the ForeFlight website. With this option you will have the ForeFlight individual license model that allows you to use Jeppesen charts on all of your allotted devices (one iPad, plus one backup iPad, and one iPhone).

I am a ForeFlight subscriber, but I do not currently have a single pilot subscription with Jeppesen.

You can purchase the Jeppesen charts on the ForeFlight website. We recommend that you purchase using the same email address your ForeFlight account is currently listed under. Please note this will restart your ForeFlight subscription for a year, applying any unused credit towards the purchase.

I have a single pilot subscription with Jeppesen, but do not have a ForeFlight subscription.

You can contact Jeppesen to cancel your current subscription. You can then purchase ForeFlight and your selected Jeppesen chart coverages in one transaction via the ForeFlight website. With this option you will have the ForeFlight individual license model that will allow you to use Jeppesen charts on all of your allotted devices (one iPad, plus one backup iPad, and one iPhone).

I have a single pilot Jeppesen chart subscription for my panel-mounted avionics. Does this subscription allow me to also view Jeppesen charts on ForeFlight Mobile?

The chart subscription you purchase from Jeppesen for your panel-mount avionics includes access to activate Jeppesen charts on up to 4 devices. You will sign in using your Jeppesen credentials in ForeFlight Mobile to activate Jeppesen charts on your two iPads and/or one iPhone.

We are on frequency seven days a week if you have any questions about the ForeFlight and Jeppesen partnership. Contact us at for fast Fanatical Pilot Support.


Multi-Pilot Business Accounts

Here are some helpful scenarios if you are an administrator for a flight department that has multiple pilots.

I am a flight department operator with multiple pilots and we have both active ForeFlight Mobile subscriptions and Jeppesen chart subscriptions. How do we get Jeppesen charts on each of our ForeFlight Mobile installations?

The admin (parent account) on the ForeFlight account will first sign in to, then click on Profile > Jeppesen tab and sign in with Jeppesen credentials. This will link the ForeFlight and Jeppesen accounts and then each user (the child accounts) will open ForeFlight Mobile and go to More > Jeppesen and then select the Jeppesen coverage to activate.

I am a flight department with multiple pilots and have an active ForeFlight Business (multi-license) account and would like to add Jeppesen charts to ForeFlight Mobile.

Contact Jeppesen directly at

I am a flight department with multiple pilots and have an active Jeppesen Enterprise (multi-seat) account and would like to purchase a multi-seat ForeFlight Mobile service with Jeppesen charts.

Contact ForeFlight at

I am a flight department with multiple pilots and I am interested in having Jeppesen charts on my ForeFlight Business account. Do I have to purchase enough coverages for all of my child accounts?

No, you do not have to purchase an equivalent number of Jeppesen coverages/seats to match your ForeFlight licenses (child accounts). Each pilot on the ForeFlight account will individually activate a Jeppesen seat on their device up to the number of Jeppesen seats you have purchased. You will purchase Jeppesen seats directly from Jeppesen.

ForeFlight + Jeppesen for Multi-Pilot Flight Departments

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