Easily manage your multiple Jet-A fuel card memberships in one place, compare prices while flight planning, and issue fuel releases right from ForeFlight with this powerful and integrated capability, available with Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.


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JetFuelX on ForeFlight Web

JetFuelX is now fully integrated with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans and available directly on ForeFlight Web, combining hassle-free fuel card management with advanced flight planning capabilities in one powerful package. Access your contract fuel cards in the same place you plan and file flights, update your ForeFlight Logbook, and manage your account.

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Improve the Way You Buy Jet Fuel

JetFuelX is easy to set up and automatically imports your contract fuel prices from vendors, eliminating the time-consuming task of checking fuel cards one-by-one.


Great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or for aircraft on leaseback that have different fuel discount levels. Associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually.


All your contract fuel prices are automatically incorporated into ForeFlight's Jet-A map layer on Web and Mobile so you can find the best price fast, as well as in ForeFlight's Directory FBO database.


As your fuel vendors publish new prices, ForeFlight automatically syncs that information so your profiles are always up to date, and alerts you to any issues so you can quickly take action.


Submit requests for mobile fuel releases with supported contract fuel cards directly from the ForeFlight Mobile app so the vendor can contact the FBO and release the fuel before you arrive.


Your contract fuel prices sync to all mobile devices signed into your ForeFlight account, giving you the flexibility to plan with the best prices whenever, and wherever you need them.


Status indicators on the Fuel Card page show if a card has outdated prices or can't connect to the fuel vendor, allowing you to see what cards require your attention quickly.

ForeFlight Performance + JetFuelX

JetFuelX is included in ForeFlight Performance, combining hassle-free fuel card management with the industry’s leading flight planning and inflight solution. With ForeFlight Performance you can plan flights, compare FBOs, and issue fuel releases with quick access to all your JetFuelX contract fuel prices.

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Simple, Fast Fuel Releases

Pinpoint the best prices and submit fuel releases and fuel orders in no time. Fuel Orders allow you to notify the destination FBO of your estimated arrival time and fuel order request using a simple form that is transmitted right from the Flights tab, and fuel releases additionally notify the fuel card vendor so they can release the requested fuel ahead of your arrival.

Current Fuel Partners

FBOs and fuel providers benefit from JetFuelX, too. Build fuel discount program membership and efficiently distribute pricing data to customers. Interested in growing your fuel discount program?

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