Advanced Flight Planning for Busy Flight Departments

ForeFlight's next-generation flight planning tech delivers better, faster, more accurate answers to your pilots before every flight.

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Integrated Weight & Balance

Weight & Balance in ForeFlight is now directly integrated with your flight planning to increase the accuracy of ForeFlight’s performance results and support a critical preflight workflow all in one app. We've also simplified the setup of new and existing W&B profiles, tied them directly to your regular aircraft profiles, and added support for Basic Operating Weight.

Integrated Weight & Balance planning is included in ForeFlight Business Performance subscription plans.

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ForeFlight Runway Analysis

Safety meets convenience with a sophisticated runway and obstacle analysis for jets that’s fully-integrated with ForeFlight’s planning workflow. Available now as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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WEBINAR: Integrated Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance

Watch Michael Vogt, ForeFlight’s Lead Aircraft Performance Engineer; Josh Pava, ForeFlight’s QA and Product Analyst, and Challenger 605 & 650 pilot; and Alex Smythers, ForeFlight’s Director of Business Development demonstrate how ForeFlight's integrated Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance capabilities can help jet pilots improve their flight planning workflows.

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ForeFlight Dispatch

Dispatch - an add-on to ForeFlight’s Mobile and Web application - sets a new standard in team flight planning that equally empowers pilots, flight planners, and ops managers in flight departments big and small to collaborate and plan flights more efficiently.

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Powerful, Accurate Planning for High-Performance Aircraft

ForeFlight Performance is a powerful suite of advanced flight planning features integrated with ForeFlight’s core mobile and web planning solution. Performance includes a library of detailed aircraft performance profiles that produce the most accurate flight time and fuel burn calculations, a sophisticated flight planning engine that generates optimized routes for any two airports in the world, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the planning workflow – and it all syncs across your devices so you can plan faster, whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Built-in Aircraft Performance Models

Comprehensive Routing Options

Easy & Fast Scenario Planning

Automatic Safety Checks

ForeFlight Business Performance includes:

  • Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles
  • Spot-On Time & Fuel Flow Calculations
  • Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) & D-ATIS
  • Trip Assistant with Fuel Stop Planning
  • Takeoff & Landing Distances for Pistons
  • Taxi Routing
  • File-Friendly Optimized Autorouting
  • Fuel Load Planning with Fuel Policies
  • Automatic Aircraft Weight Limit Checks
  • Integrated Discount Fuel Card Management
  • Weather in Profile View
  • Dynamic Windspeed & Temperature Layers

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Learn more about Performance Flight Planning for individuals.

ForeFlight Labs: Taxi Routes

Chart a course to or from the runway with an interactive and contextually-aware taxi route bubble editor. The dynamic Taxi Route keyboard and bubble editor allow you to quickly add, remove, and rearrange route elements as your clearance is read out to you, with dedicated Clear, Undo, and Redo buttons for flexible editing. Your finished taxi route is displayed directly on the moving map as well as on the airport’s diagram in Plates. Enable Taxi Routes in the ForeFlight Labs section of More > Account.

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Dynamic Winds and Temperatures

View global forecast wind speed, direction, and temperatures at multiple altitudes and times using these stunning animated weather layers. Both the “Winds (Temps)” and “Winds (Speeds)” layers use colorful heat maps covering the globe to represent their primary forecast values at the selected altitude and time. Overlaid on each layer’s heat map are smoothly-flowing particle animations representing wind direction and speed, providing an intuitive view of large-scale weather patterns in relation to the layer’s primary forecast value (wind speed or temperature). Use the Time Slider to view wind forecasts in a 24+ hour period, and move the Altitude Slider to view winds from the surface up to 63,000 ft.

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Airport 3D Runway Lighting

Prepare for a night approach or establish a mental picture with toggleable Day/Night modes and realistic Runway Lights in Airport 3D. Use the Day/Night toggle in the bottom-right corner of Airport 3D to dim the surrounding terrain and expose the airport’s runway lights. Runway edge lighting is supported for most paved airports around the world, while larger airports may also display touchdown zone lights, PAPI lights, displaced threshold lights with approach light system if available, centerline lights, end light flashers, and more.

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Get the view at altitude with 3D review

Follow the path of planned flights from the Maps or Flights views, and replay past flights from Track Logs or Logbook entries with realistic pitch and bank if recorded with an AHRS-capable device. Pan and zoom within the interactive 3D View to get a full 360 perspective of the route environment.

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Weather in 3D Preview

Enable U.S. or Global Icing and Turbulence layers using the new layer selector in 3D Preview to display forecast weather along your route. 3D View depicts forecast weather as floating colored blocks that use the same color scale to represent forecast severity as the overhead map and Profile View. Use the altitude slider on the right to view weather at different altitudes, and tap the RTE button at the top of the altitude slider to only show weather at the same altitude as your route.

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Internet Traffic in 3D Airports

View live Internet Traffic via FlightAware in 3D Airports to analyze airport activity, follow takeoffs and landings, and more. When viewing an airport in 3D, tap the new layer selector in the bottom left and select Traffic to display any airborne traffic near the airport. Unlike the Traffic map layer, 3D Airports does not display ground traffic. Traffic targets appear as blue diamonds showing their tail number and current altitude. Tap on any traffic target to display its vertical and horizontal track as a blue curtain like in 3D Review.

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Built-in Detailed Aircraft Profiles are Ready to Fly

Our in-house team builds each aircraft model from the manufacturer’s climb, cruise, and descent 'book value' performance data. Profiles are defined for multiple altitudes, weights, and temperatures, providing the most accurate ETE and fuel burn for all conditions. The library contains hundreds of profiles for the most popular turbine aircraft from Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Gulfstream, and more.

Simple, Fast Aircraft Setup

All of the complex performance data from your aircraft manual is loaded with a single tap. Simply search for and select your aircraft, add your tail number, and verify the basic aircraft data. Done.

Fine Tune the Models

If your aircraft performs differently than book, use the model adjustment sliders to better match ForeFlight to your aircraft's true performance.

Create Custom Profiles

Don't see your aircraft in our library yet? Log in to to build your own profiles that define climb, cruise and descent performance data for multiple altitudes.

Find Your Aircraft

Use the search box below to see if your aircraft is in the ForeFlight Performance Profile library, or click here to browse the full library.

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Better, Faster, More Accurate Answers

ForeFlight’s planning engine analyzes current and forecasted wind and temperature data, aircraft performance capabilities, and recent ATC history to offer a comprehensive list of route options – even for airports without previously flown routes. Simply select your desired cruise profile and ForeFlight handles the complex calculations, delivering the answers you need to make informed decisions.

File-Friendly Optimized Autorouting

The easy-to-use Graphical Route Advisor recommends the best route and altitude for your aircraft, and provides you with the highest probability for cleared as filed (which is also helpful for PDC). In addition, EUROCONTROL validated routes are created in a matter of seconds.

Dynamic Route Performance Calculations

The ever-changing wind, temperature, and weight conditions the aircraft experiences throughout a trip are reflected in the highly accurate flight time and fuel burn calculations, including the improved performance over the course of a flight as the aircraft lightens through fuel burn.

Easy Scenario Planning

Need to explore the impact of taking more or less fuel? More passengers than you expected arrive at the airport? Quickly evaluate what-if scenarios with just a few taps and ForeFlight automatically recalculates weight, altitude, and fuel requirements – all at jet speed.

High-Fidelity Fuel & Load Planning

Easily add payload information and modify reserve fuel amounts in the neatly organized form-based Flights view. The trip summary continuously updates as you make adjustments.

Structural Limit Checks

Automatic structural weight limit checks, with visual alert feedback, eliminate an overweight takeoff or landing scenario.

Top-of-Climb Cruise Check

Detects potential hot/high/heavy conditions and recommends a lower initial cruise altitude at which the desired cruise speed can be achieved.

Multiple Fuel Policies

Flexible fuel planning offers a variety of fuel strategies. Need to land with a specific quantity of fuel? Use Landing Fuel policy to quickly calculate block fuel for that outcome.

Weather in Profile View

Enhance your route planning with a cross-sectional view of internet icing and turbulence forecasts displayed in Profile View. Profile View uses the same color scales as the overhead map to depict varying intensities for each layer at multiple altitudes in relation to your route line. ForeFlight uses your planned departure and enroute times to display weather over multiple forecast periods during which your flight will be active, providing a more accurate picture of changing conditions throughout your flight. 

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Route Constraints for the Recommended Route

Route Advisor supports constraint types for the Recommended Route, giving you more flexibility to tailor routes to your own needs. Route constraints allow you to include or exclude any waypoint from your route, avoid any FIR, and set maximum and minimum altitudes, helping you reduce overflight fees and steer clear of dangerous airspace.


Send Fuel Orders to Your FBO for Smoother Handling

Submit fuel order requests to FBOs right from the Flights view as part of your flight planning workflow. With a configured JetFuelX account, you can also request a fuel release from the fuel provider and send a notification email to the FBO in just a few taps.

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Marked Positions

Drop markers along your route during a flight to mark points of interest or comply with position plotting requirements, then view or share the marked positions after the flight. Each marker automatically captures your GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, and allows you to record additional notes or rename the marker. Marked Positions are included in an active track log recording and can be viewed after the flight in the Track Log view, or in the Flights view if any planned flight matches the time frame during which you marked any positions.

Integrated JetFuelX Fuel Prices

JetFuelX simplifies managing your multiple fuel card memberships so you can quickly search, compare, and pinpoint the best fuel price for your trip. With the ForeFlight Business Performance plan, contract fuel prices can be conveniently displayed in ForeFlight Mobile and on the web.

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Great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or for aircraft on leaseback that have different fuel discount levels. Associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually.


Search prices and compare in real-time with nearby airports. See results in a color-coded list or interactive map view. We timed it – find the lowest price and request a fuel release in 15 seconds.


As your fuel vendors publish new prices, JetFuelX automatically syncs that information so your profiles are always up to date.

Never Miss Another Meeting with Trip Assistant

Trip Assistant is a simple-to-use planning tool for anyone involved in mission planning – assistants, flight support staff, passengers, and pilots alike. Trip Assistant quickly computes total door-to-door trip time, factoring in drive time, flight times using historical and forecast winds, and fuel stops to create a detailed itinerary showing exactly when you need to leave your home or office in order to arrive on time at your final destination.

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Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) & Digital ATIS

PDC, a service in partnership with Satcom Direct, automates delivery of your IFR departure clearance at over 70 U.S. airports, simplifying operations and reducing frequency congestion. After you register your aircraft, file with ForeFlight and automatically receive your full clearance via email and text message. Current ATIS information is also sent via text and email as well as being available directly in ForeFlight.

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Step-by-Step Video Training for Your Flight Crew

  • Set up aircraft performance profiles
  • Plan with the form-based Flights view
  • Add fuel and payload
  • File, brief, generate a navlog, and more!

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Professional-Grade Navlog

The neatly organized and printable Navlog includes flight and fuel summary information, TOC, TOD, synthetic waypoints along track, a wind and temperature aloft table for quick reference, RAIM prediction report, FMS flight plan recall codes (for compatible equipment), airport and FBO information, space to record flight actuals, and more.

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Access Performance Flight Planning on Mobile & Web

Planning activity automatically syncs between mobile devices and the web, keeping all of your devices up to date. 

Offline Access to Planning Engine

Access ForeFlight’s powerful mobile flight planning online or offline. Great for rerouting in the air or when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Consolidate Your Toolset into One Powerful Solution

In addition to Performance Flight Planning, ForeFlight allows you to consolidate electronic charts and maps, weather, filing, secure cloud-based document distribution, and device compliance tracking into one elegantly designed platform.

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