International Support Lookup

See what features and data ForeFlight supports in your country as well as the capabilities that are available globally. Scroll to the bottom of this page to use the lookup table to view supported features and data in your country.

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Global ForeFlight Features

The following ForeFlight features and capabilities are supported no matter where you fly and only depend on your subscription plan level and connections to external devices to provide the necessary data.

Jeppesen Nav Data

Terrain, Obstacles, & Basemaps

Forecast Weather Layers

Routing Support

Weight & Balance

And Much More!

Country Support Table

Select a country using the dropdown below to see what data and capabilities are available for it in ForeFlight, and scroll down to see any add-on chart coverages that include the country as well as any custom notes.

"See Notes", "Add-On Available", and "Partial" Availability statuses indicate that more information is available in the Additional Details section at the bottom of the table.