Greater Than the Sum of its Charts

View Jeppesen's global charts, terrain, obstacles, and NavData® in ForeFlight Mobile, making it your all-in-one solution for planning, briefing, filing, flying, and logging flights.

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More Power & Productivity to Pilots Everywhere

ForeFlight's advanced electronic flight bag technology combined with Jeppesen's world-class aeronautical data products gives you a one-stop-shop for all of your flight planning, weather, and charting needs.

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Jeppesen charts are available as an option in all ForeFlight Mobile annual plans.

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Link Multiple Jeppesen Accounts

Connect more than one Jeppesen account in ForeFlight for expanded access to chart coverages, or combine linked coverages with those purchased through ForeFlight for even greater flexibility. Individual customers can sign into multiple Jeppesen accounts by tapping “Add Jeppesen Account” in More > Jeppesen after adding the initial account. Individual customers can also combine their chart coverages from a linked Jeppesen account with those purchased through ForeFlight, allowing access to special coverages that may not be available through ForeFlight and enabling more flexible chart management.

ForeFlight & Jeppesen are Better Together

Jeppesen's best-in-class global navigation, terrain, and obstacle data comes standard in all plans, and makes ForeFlight's advanced mobile hazard awareness technology better than ever.


ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision uses Jeppesen’s high-resolution terrain data sets, designed for use in certified panel-mounted avionics, and is available worldwide to all customers who fly with Synthetic Vision.


Jeppesen's world-class NavData® improves data consistency between the mobile device and installed avionics*, enhances features like data-driven Aeronautical Maps, and expands Procedure Advisor to airports around the world for all customers.


ForeFlight’s Hazard Advisor map overlay and Profile view integrates Jeppesen’s worldwide obstacle data giving you a clear picture of any terrain or obstacle hazards ahead, anywhere you fly.

*Please note that the Jeppesen NavData® in ForeFlight is separate from Jeppesen NavData® for installed avionics, which requires a separate subscription from Jeppesen.

New Simplified Jeppesen Coverages via ForeFlight

The new Jeppesen chart coverages available only via ForeFlight simplify coverage boundaries and include all civilian Jeppesen charts for each region, enabling true worldwide coverage as part of your ForeFlight subscription. Coverages include departure, arrival, and terminal procedures, airport charts, data-driven enroute charts, and Jeppesen Airway Manual supplements.

NOTE: Customers with legacy Jeppesen coverages purchased through ForeFlight may continue to renew those or switch to the new coverage options upon renewal.

Prices are per coverage per year


USD $2723 | CAD $3813
€2451 | £3179


USD $199 | CAD $279
€180 | £160

Canada & Alaska

USD $179 | CAD $250
€154 | £136

North America

USD $389 | CAD $545
€351 | £312

Latin & South America

USD $259 | CAD $363
€234 | £208

Europe IFR + VFR

USD $579 | CAD $811
€522 | £464


USD $409 | CAD $573
€369 | £328


USD $399 | CAD $559
€360 | £320

Middle East

USD $419 | CAD $587
€378 | £336


USD $269 | CAD $377
€243 | £216

Australia & New Zealand

USD $99 | CAD $139
€90 | £80

Simple Purchase Process

We’ve worked closely with Jeppesen to ensure a smooth purchasing integration. Select your coverages and purchase via a secure and seamless e-commerce experience on, or link your active Jeppesen subscription inside of ForeFlight Mobile. Purchasing Jeppesen charts from ForeFlight is fast, easy, and has the added benefit of syncing subscription renewal timing.


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Purchase through ForeFlight

Watch the video: Link Your Existing Jeppesen

Link Your Existing Jeppesen