FMS Flight Plan Uplink FAQs

Register your aircraft and file with ForeFlight to receive a recall number that allows you to conveniently load flight plans into your Flight Management System.

What is Flight Plan Uplink through ForeFlight?

Flight Plan Uplink through ForeFlight allows you to retrieve your flight plan in your onboard avionics via a recall number provided in the ForeFlight Navlog.

What is required to use Flight Plan Uplink through ForeFlight?

To use Flight Plan Uplink with ForeFlight, you must:

  • Have datalink hardware installed in your aircraft
  • Have an existing datalink service provider (Satcom Direct, Collins, or Honeywell)
  • Have a ForeFlight Business Performance or Performance Plus subscription plan
  • File your flight plans via ForeFlight to retrieve the FMS recall number on the Navlog

Which datalink service providers is Flight Plan Uplink compatible with?

Flight Plan Uplink is compatible with Satcom Direct, Collins, and Honeywell GoDirect.

How do I sign up for Flight Plan Uplink through ForeFlight?

Send an email to and include your tail number and datalink service provider to get your aircraft set up.

Which subscription do I need to have to sign up for Flight Plan Uplink?

Flight Plan Uplink is available at no extra charge for Performance Plus and Business Performance customers.

How do I uplink my flight plan into my FMS?

After you file your flight plan or release the flight via Dispatch, find the recall number for the flight and enter that number into your onboard FMS to load the flight plan.

Where can I find the recall number?

You can find the recall number in ForeFlight Mobile in the Navlog, International Navlog, and the Flight Summary in the Flights view. If you have Dispatch, you can find the recall number in the Flight Summary bar and in flight release emails. 

Dispatch Flight Summary

Standard Navlog

International Navlog

Flight Summary in ForeFlight Mobile

When is the recall number generated?

The recall number is generated upon filing a flight plan in ForeFlight Mobile and may be regenerated if the flight plan is amended. If you have Dispatch, the recall number is generated when you release, save, or amend a flight.