JetFuelX is a free web-based service that saves you time and money by helping you pinpoint the best available contract fuel price from your multiple fuel program memberships.


New  ForeFlight Performance customers can view JetFuelX prices in ForeFlight Mobile and on the web  Watch the video

Jet Fuel on Your Terms

Easily manage your multiple memberships without the time-consuming task of manually checking each one before a trip. Service is easy to setup, and is optimized for any device – desktop, tablet or phone.

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Improve the Way You Buy Jet Fuel

JetFuelX is simple, fast, and free – and allows you to manage unlimited fuel card memberships and aircraft profiles, search prices and compare in real-time with nearby airports, see results in a neatly organized list or interactive map view, eliminate manual checking of fuel cards one-by-one, and request fuel releases with a click.


As your fuel vendors publish new prices, JetFuelX automatically syncs that information so your profiles are always up to date.


Search prices and compare in real-time with nearby airports. See results in a neatly organized list or interactive map view. We timed it – find the lowest price and request a fuel release in 15 seconds!


Great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or for aircraft on leaseback that have different fuel discount levels. Associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually.


Access JetFuelX Prices in ForeFlight

ForeFlight Performance customers can link their JetFuelX and ForeFlight accounts for a convenient way to display JetFuelX contract jet fuel prices directly on ForeFlight Mobile and ForeFlight on the web.

Performance for Individuals
Performance for Flight Departments

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Fuel Up, Wheels Up

JetFuelX automatically sets up the fuel imports from your vendors. No more manual file uploads – your pricing is updated and automatically synced to your JetFuelX account in real time when your vendor issues new fuel prices. Most fuel card memberships are free, and with JetFuelX there's even more reason to sign up for as many fuel memberships as you like.


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FBOs & Fuel Providers Benefit, Too!

Build fuel discount program membership and efficiently distribute pricing data to customers. Contact to learn more.