ForeFlight 11.6 
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ForeFlight 11.6 is here with major enhancements: 3D Review puts you in the cockpit with a pilot's-eye view, Map Annotations lets you take notes on the fly, Checklist Speak turns ForeFlight into a helpful copilot, and more. 


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3D Review

The newest addition to ForeFlight’s suite of 3D capabilities lets you follow the path of a planned or recorded flight with high-resolution terrain and aerial imagery. Preview planned flights from the Maps or Flights views, and replay past flights from Track Logs or Logbook entries with realistic pitch and bank if recorded with an AHRS-capable device. Pan and zoom within the interactive 3D View to get a full 360° perspective of the route environment. 3D Review is included in ForeFlight Performance plans. 


Watch the video

Watch the Video

Map Annotations

Write and draw directly on ForeFlight’s map for easier note taking and much more. Tap the Annotations button on the left side of the screen to enter Drawing mode. Annotations remain visible above any chart or map layer, and you can easily change the ink color, thickness, and opacity for more style options.

Checklist Speak

ForeFlight can now serve as your helpful copilot by automatically calling out each item in a checklist so you can focus on flying. A quick-action bar at the bottom of the screen remains visible on every app view and allows you to pause or exit Speak mode, and move faster or slower through the checklist. 

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Watch the Video

Watch the Video

Logbook Instructor Tools

Logbook’s new Instructor Tools section makes it easy for flight instructors to save their digital signature and issue remote endorsements to students.

Logbook Auto-Calculates Night Times & Landing
Another new Logbook feature allows ForeFlight to automatically calculate Night Time and Night Landings from associated Track Logs or manually-entered data, using the Out/Off/On/In fields to determine how much of the flight took place at night.

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Alternate Airports in Pack

The Pack feature on the Flights view now takes into account any alternate airport you’ve selected, extending the “Pack corridor” to download airport, weather, and chart information between your destination and alternate. Pair this feature with Alternate Advisor to make incorporating an alternate airport into your flight easier than ever.