Taking Flight Debriefing To Another Level

Enhance your post-flight debriefing by combining ForeFlight and CloudAhoy. CloudAhoy is designed to help pilots of any kind refine their flying skills, from PPL students to business jet drivers and everyone in between.

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Post-flight Debriefing For Proficiency, Safety, and Fun

CloudAhoy brings technology to post-flight debriefing, adding value to any flight training, enhancing the experience of flying, and helps make better pilots. This applies equally to primary, advanced, and recurrent training, and to day-to-day flight operation for self-improvement, and for fun.

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Flight Training & Flight Practice

Student, CFI, or Pilot's Self-Improvment

Get an objective and quantitative review of your flight and apply the knowledge gained to the next flight.

Feature Highlights:

  • Segments list and declutter to focus on a specific maneuver
  • Pertinent graphs and stats
  • 2D and 3D Track, displayed from any perspective
  • Segment Score, including problem areas

Flying For Fun / To A Destination

Pilots who enjoy reviewing airborne moments

Add a heads up display, embed one or two videos, overlay glass gauges, then set the time and watch as CloudAhoy replays your entire flight or skip to different legs of your route.

Feature Highlights:

  • Recorded video to play alongside your debrief
  • Flight deck view (synthetic vision)
  • Glass gauges
  • 3D track view
  • Share your flight with friends and family

IFR Flights

Training & Currency

Ensure each flight is safer than the previous by checking your lateral and vertical accuracy, see how stabilized your approach was, compare your path to the published approach, and use color-coded 2D and 3D overlays.

Feature Highlights:

  • Auto identification of instrument approaches
  • Approach Score including problem areas
  • Decluttering to show only one approach
  • Display one or all transitions, plus feeder routes
  • iPad View debrief using a touch optimized interface
  • And much more!


Flight Data Analysis

ForeFlight Flight Data Analysis lets you analyze and visualize aggregated fleet data, configure and customize what triggers an exceedance based on SOPs, and identify and isolate safety events. 

Feature Highlights:

  • Designed by pilots, for pilots
  • Customized exceedance parameters
  • Automated post-flight analysis emails
  • Anonymized flight reports sent to designated safety personnel
  • Secure and cost-effective


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