A next-generation, multi-user, "schedule-to-mobile" flight planning product that delivers greater efficiency and productivity for flight departments of any size.

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We’ve been using Dispatch and ForeFlight Mobile for our entire fleet, which operate all over the world. The efficiencies that we have realized with optimized flight plan routes, fuel burns, and passenger comfort have been outstanding.


Collaborative Flight Planning in One Place

ForeFlight Dispatch keeps your entire operation in sync and running smoothly by providing a centralized list of all planned and filed flights that’s visible to everyone. Planners can get better insight into the status of any flight and an overall view of the day’s operations, while pilots can easily see flights assigned to them both on the web and on their mobile devices. 

Central Flight Status View

The Flights List is your operation’s flight planning and monitoring nexus, with ordering and watchlist options.

ATC Messages

ForeFlight taps into the global network of flight plans to monitor filed flights and provide important updates from ATC.

Quick Actions

File, delay, cancel, and release flights directly from the flights list, as well as view flight documents with just a click.

Flexible Scheduling Integrations

Dispatch’s Scheduling API allows ForeFlight to integrate with scheduling software providers and enterprise systems to seamlessly load new flight plans into Dispatch.


Hassle-Free Flight Importing

Automatically load scheduled flights into ForeFlight and keep them updated so planners can work on them right away.

Keep Tabs on Planned Flights

Send performance results and flight documents from Dispatch back into your scheduling system to monitor flights.

Ad-Hoc Performance Quotes 

Leverage ForeFlight’s performance engine to quickly generate “Performance Quotes” for any aircraft and city pair.

Flight Service Integrations

Integrate ForeFlight Dispatch with your flight service provider to give them direct access to your flight plans within Dispatch, enabling fast and hassle-free flight support whenever you need it.


Jeppesen ITPS

Jeppesen International Trip Planning Services (ITPS) provide tailored, flexible and optimized solutions to meet your unique trip planning, fueling and ground handling needs. The ITPS team works with you to build and execute a plan to support worldwide operations and augment your flight department with decades of expertise.

Together, Dispatch and ITPS provide integrated flight planning and support that is more reliable, flexible, and efficient.

Flexible Support

Dispatch makes it easy for ITPS staff to work alongside the customer on a shared platform and provide trip planning and concierge support whenever needed. After-hours and back-up support is also available to enhance your flight department.

Mobile Integration

ITPS staff can work directly with pilots via Dispatch’s tight connection with ForeFlight Mobile, releasing and updating flight plans and delivering trip support packages, overflight permits, and other files with a simple interface.

Working Together

Customers can expect rapid and flexible cross-platform support thanks to ForeFlight and Jeppesen being part of the same Boeing family, along with continued development to further strengthen the Dispatch-ITPS integration.

Integrated Flight Releases

Dispatch integrates crew assignment and mobile flight releases into its flight planning workflow, allowing planners to release flight plans directly to assigned crew members’ iPads and iPhones before departure.

Sync Flight Plan & Documents

Released flights appear in ForeFlight Mobile complete with performance calculations, fuel and weight information, a pre-generated Briefing and Navlog, and other documents, allowing crews to review and brief their flights right away.

Automatic Updates

ForeFlight’s reliable Sync system delivers flight plan changes to crew members’ devices in seconds, including updated performance calculations and briefing documents.

Crew Notifications

Automated emails keep crew members up to speed with new or updated flight plan information.

Advanced Flight Planning

Dispatch takes integrated flight planning to the next level, combining all of ForeFlight’s existing best-in-class features with new capabilities designed to help experienced planners and self-dispatching pilots work more efficiently.

Route Builder

Fine tune ForeFlight’s Recommended Route to circumvent dangerous FIRs, comply with strict overflight permits, minimize airspace fees, and more. ForeFlight works with your constraints to produce a fully-optimized and file-able route.

Flexible Constraint Types

Use route constraints to add or exclude waypoints, airways, FIRs, SIDs/STARs, and more. ForeFlight automatically lists all the FIRs on your route so you can quickly exclude them, then shades them on the map for easy visualization.

Partial Routing

Add sequences of waypoints as “Partial Routes” to ensure compliance with strict overflight permits or preferential routing in certain airspace. ForeFlight’s fast route optimizer will then fill in what’s left to complete the route.

Cruise Advisor

Compare enroute performance at multiple altitudes and cruise speeds to find the best combination for your mission.

Cruise & Altitude Performance Matrix

Select three cruise profiles to compare at five nearby altitudes to see the forecast winds, time enroute, and fuel burn for each combination. Dispatch will mark flight levels with a turbulence icon if there is significant turbulence at that altitude. 

Best Performance Highlighted

The cruise speed and altitude combinations resulting in the lowest fuel usage and the shortest trip time are each highlighted for easy identification.

Alternate Routing

Comply with flight plan requirements in Europe and elsewhere thanks to Dispatch's "route-to-alternate" capability. Use the default DCT option to draw a direct route from planned to alternate airports, use the Auto option to let ForeFlight choose the shortest route using actual waypoints, or enter custom alternate routing using the Manual option.

Multiple Wind Models

Forecasted Winds

Calculate enroute performance based on actual winds aloft forecasts out to seven days in advance.

Historical Winds

Leverage over 40 years of global historical wind data with selectable probability settings of 50%, 85%, or 90%.

Fixed Winds

Define a specific head- or tailwind component and ISA deviation used to calculate performance for the flight.

Integrated Runway Analysis

ForeFlight's new Runway Analysis product is seamlessly integrated into Dispatch's flight planning workflow, allowing flight planners and pilots to incorporate these essential calculations into their flight plans and release the results to assigned crew members. Dispatch provides even more robust automation features than the mobile app, such as a checkbox to automatically select the optimal runway and EOP to maximize takeoff weight, as well as a mini-map for viewing each EOP's ground track.

ETP & ETOPS Planning

Simplify oceanic flight planning by incorporating diversion and engine-out scenarios with automatic ETP, ETOPS, and PSR plotting. ForeFlight displays the results on the built-in route map as well as in the Navlog for inflight reference.


Specify diversion airports and ForeFlight will add equal-time points on the built-in map and in the Navlog.


Enable ETOPS to overlay range rings for each airport and automatically validate the route for each diversion scenario.


Quickly identify a route's “point of safe return” on both the inset route map and in the Navlog.

Integrated Airport Information

Access comprehensive information for any airports in your route directly from Dispatch’s flight planning view. The Airports page includes an inset map and sections covering NOTAMs, weather, runways, procedures, FBOs, and more, all arranged in a single scrollable view with buttons to jump to each section.

Dynamic Route Map

Keep an eye on current and forecast weather, compare available route options and oceanic tracks, and overlay ETP, ETOPS, and PSR features in one interactive map.

Route List with Turbulence Markers

Easily evaluate route options by comparing ForeFlight’s optimized route against ATC cleared routes and others, with time enroute and fuel burn calculated for each. ForeFlight uses turbulence forecasts to mark affected routes so you can ensure a smooth ride.

Save Time & Costs with New Documents

Dispatch extends ForeFlight’s lineup of auto-generated preflight documents with new additions that can help flight planners and crew members prepare for and conduct the flight.

Comprehensive Briefing

The Briefing document combines information about NOTAMs and forecast weather with other documents to create a single, comprehensive flight briefing for simplified crew delivery.

Route Report

ForeFlight searches Jeppesen’s digital airway manual in seconds to identify any relevant route restrictions. Add new constraints and regenerate the route until it’s fully compliant and file-able.

Overflight Report

A detailed summary of every FIR along your route with associated fees, entry/exit points, and overflight distances to help avoid the costliest airspace and save money on overflight fees.

Flexible File Attachments

Easily upload custom documents to flights right from Dispatch to deliver them to assigned crew members in seconds. Attach PDFs, images, Microsoft Word documents, and many other file types to make them accessible right in ForeFlight for viewing and printing before the flight.

Flight Release Update Emails

ForeFlight Dispatch keeps your entire crew in sync with Flight Release Update Emails. Dispatch automatically sends emails to the flight crew when you make significant changes to a released flight such as departure, destination, ETD, and more. 

Custom Navlog Builder

Build a custom Navlog template to fit your operational needs. The Custom Navlog Builder contains widgets that you can edit and move around. Customize the Navlog even further by changing label names, toggling sections on and off, and adding space for notes. Set your new Navlog as the default to enforce its use on all future flights. 

Custom Airports

Flexibly plan flights to and from any location you want by defining your own custom airports. Custom airports are defined by a unique four-letter identifier, a name, and a set of lat/long coordinates. All planners on your account can select custom airports as the departure or destination on any flight.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic in ForeFlight Dispatch hooks you into FlightAware’s global traffic coverage, allowing you to view airborne and ground traffic all over the world any time you have an internet connection on the ground. Use it to plan your next flight more intelligently by gauging airport activity like active arrivals and runways, and see how ATC is vectoring traffic around active weather systems and plan accordingly.


Easily comply with customs procedures by compiling and delivering crew and passenger information via Dispatch. Passports and other sensitive information are securely stored in ForeFlight’s compliant data system, allowing Dispatch to auto-fill documents for easy submission to customs and releasing to crew members directly in ForeFlight Mobile.

Dispatch currently supports eAPIS for flights entering the US, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

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Advanced Flight Planning with ForeFlight Dispatch
(September 14, 2022)

Join ForeFlight Product Manager Caitlin Galloway and Product Consultant Josh Pava to learn how Dispatch, ForeFlight’s next-generation flight planning solution for Business Aviation, can boost the operational efficiency of flight departments large and small. Through two example flight plans of increasing complexity, Caitlin will demonstrate how Dispatch’s advanced capabilities allow for greater efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration between pilots, flight planners, and ops managers.

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