ForeFlight 11.7 
Now Available!

This release brings improved map layer and single-tap functionality, aircraft sharing, new supported Document file types, and more.


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Enhanced Single-Tap on Maps 

A number of improvements allow you to do more with map layers and the single-tap gesture. Enable multiple shape-based map layers like TFRs and AIR/SIGMET/CWAs simultaneously, then tap where they overlap to select which one you want to view information about. This multi-layer “Map Info” popup also allows you to select elements from other map layers like winds aloft barbs, PIREPS, lightning, obstacles, and Aeronautical Map elements like waypoints and airways. You can also now tap on FBO markers that are built into ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map airport diagrams to quickly access information about them.

Aircraft Sharing

Share your aircraft profiles in ForeFlight with other pilots for easy collaboration when flight planning. Tap the Send To button while viewing an aircraft to share it via Airdrop, email, text, or any other messaging app. The recipient can then tap the link on their iPad or iPhone to accept the share. Shared aircraft are read-only, so recipients can't change any of the aircraft's details, but any changes made by the original owner are automatically synced to any recipients.

NOTE: Recipients must be running ForeFlight version 11.7 or above to accept shared aircraft. Aircraft shared from a Performance Plus account to a non-Performance account will not include the ForeFlight Performance Profiles, as these are only available with Performance Plus.

U.S. VFR Flyway Charts

VFR Flyway Charts from the FAA are now available as a georeferenced map layer in ForeFlight. These planning charts depict potential VFR routes through and around major metropolitan areas to help VFR pilots avoid Class B airspace and commercial traffic flows. Access the charts at the bottom of the layer selector’s left column, and as a configurable download switch in More > Downloads > Download Settings > United States.

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Graphical NOTAMs

ForeFlight customers in Europe can now view graphical enroute NOTAMs as part of the NOTAMs/TFRs map layer. ForeFlight uses geographic data contained in NOTAM descriptions to draw their actual shapes whenever possible, and color-codes NOTAMs gray, orange, or red based on increasing severity and type. Tap on each NOTAM to view its description and active times.

New Document Types

You can now import and view comma-separated value files (CSV), and Apple Pages, Keynote, and Number files in ForeFlight’s Documents view. The Documents view also separates your personal drives from the rest so you can more easily access documents imported manually or via a linked cloud storage account (Cloud Documents requires a Pro Plus subscription or above).

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Logbook Night Times from Filed Flights

When you create a draft Logbook entry from a filed flight plan or send a flight plan from Flights to Logbook, ForeFlight will automatically calculate how much of the flight should be logged as Night Time.

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Expanded European Coverage

All European subscribers can now download AIPs for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, and Turkey.

This set of AIPs includes IFR High and Low enroute charts for all countries other than Turkey, VFR procedure charts for all except North Macedonia, and IFR procedure charts and documents for all countries. 

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Third-party devices that deliver FLARM traffic information via the NMEA protocol can now display that traffic within ForeFlight. ForeFlight also supports FLARM traffic from devices using the GDL90 protocol, as well as via uAvionix’s SkyEcho 2 ADS-B and FLARM transceiver.

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