ForeFlight 15.2 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 15.2 includes support for Australia, European Chart Streaming Support, and more.



ForeFlight Lands in Australia

We’re rolling out official Australian app support with local charts, procedures, and documents, current and forecast weather, seamless flight plan filing, and more! 

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European Chart Streaming Support

Find and view government procedure charts and airport diagrams included with your subscription while connected to the internet. Viewing a chart will download that chart on your device until it expires.

Ballast Fuel in Weight & Balance

Specify Ballast Fuel as part of your W&B planning to properly calculate your CG for the flight. Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans for the following models:

  • Citation III
  • Citation VI
  • Citation VII
  • Citation X
  • Citation X+

Expanded Runway Analysis Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product now supports:

  • Citation III (Limited serial numbers)

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Runway Analysis for Individuals
Runway Analysis for Business