ForeFlight 16.1 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 16.1 includes a new Logbook Time Setting, Convert & Copy Coordinates, and more!



Logbook Time Setting: Decimal (N.NN)

Increase the precision of your flight time tracking in Logbook with a new Decimal (N.NN) option and reduce time discrepancies when converting from the HH:MM format. The new format is available in Logbook > Settings > Entry Time Format alongside the Decimal (N.N) and Hours & Minutes (HH:MM) formats.

Performance Plus MFB One

Copy & Convert Coordinates

Easily view and copy coordinates for waypoints, airports, and more in any of ForeFlight’s supported formats, including variations of the standard degrees format as well as the MGRS format. 


Cross Point at Bearing

Like a virtual OBS, easily plan to cross any point at a desired bearing by specifying the bearing and leg length to add a new waypoint to your route. Set up a crossing for any waypoint in your route by tapping the waypoint’s bubble in the FPL Editor and tapping Cross Point at Bearing, and for any waypoint not in your route by tapping it on the map and tapping More in the top-right to find the Cross Point at Bearing option.

Runway Analysis

Expanded Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product now supports:

  • HondaJet HA-420 Legacy, APMG, Elite, Elite S, and Elite II
  • Daher's Kodiak 100 and 900

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Runway Analysis for Individuals
Runway Analysis for Business