ForeFlight 16.3 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 16.3 includes an Aeronautical Map Drawer, Basic Navlog Template, Power Lines on the Basemap, and more.



Aeronautical Map Drawer

A consolidated drawer now houses all Aeronautical Map toggles and settings, optimizing space when you aren’t using it. Tap the new button in the lower-left corner of the Maps view with the Aeronautical Map layer enabled to open the drawer and toggle map elements like airports, airspace, waypoints, and more, or tap the ellipses button at the very bottom to access Aeronautical Map Settings.

Below the toggles are new Aeronautical Modes for IFR High, IFR Low, and VFR, which you can select to quickly change altitude-based map elements like waypoints, navaids, airways, ATC boundaries, and VFR map elements.

Basic Navlog Template

Tailored for VFR pilots, the new Basic Navlog offers a cleaner format resembling a traditional navlog. From the Flights view, tap the Navlog button next to Briefing at the top of a flight plan to open the Navlog, then tap the Settings cog in the top-right to select the Basic template.

Powerlines on Basemap

Plan and fly with global power line depictions on ForeFlight's high-resolution Basemap for enhanced hazard awareness. Power lines are depicted on the map in a distinct maroon color, presented as lines with hash marks for easy identification.

Sentry Allows Cellular Data

Access internet data in ForeFlight via your device’s cellular connection even while connected to any Sentry-family ADS-B receiver to check internet-sourced radar, amend a flight plan prior to takeoff, and more. Internet-based map layers will remain selectable while connected to Sentry so you can easily jump between them and live ADS-B weather while receiving cellular data.

New Airspace Settings

Tailor the display of airspace on the Aeronautical Map with global Class E airspace filtering and more granular control over different types of Special Use Airspace.

Global Class E Airspace

Previously only applied to US airspace, the Class E toggle now shows or hides Class E airspace globally. This toggle can be found in the Controlled Airspace section of the Aeronautical Map Settings menu.

Special Use Airspace Settings

The section of the Settings menu combines existing toggles for Parachute Areas and ADIZ with new, more granular toggles: "Prohibited & Restricted," "MOA, Alert, and Training," "Caution, Danger, & Warning," "TRA & TSA," and "Other."

Southern Africa VFR Charts

Detailed VFR charts providing comprehensive local airspace details are now accessible for several countries across southern Africa: Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. You can add this region to your ForeFlight subscription via the ForeFlight website and select countries in More > Downloads > Region Settings to download charts.