ForeFlight 16.6
Now Available!

ForeFlight 16.6 includes a new Discover tab, AI Airport Comments Summary, Aeronautical Map Waypoint Settings, and more!




Events & Education

Discover new fly-ins, new aviation communities, and new skills with the new Discover tab in More! Learn about upcoming events from AOPA and EAA with the map-based event finder and deepen your ForeFlight know-how with our extensive video library now available directly in the app.

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AI Airport Comments Summary

Quickly learn what pilots are saying about an airport with a helpful AI-generated summary of pilot comments.

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Aeronautical Map - Waypoint Settings

Customize which waypoints - VFR, IFR, or both - appear on the Aeronautical Map while in VFR Mode using new Waypoint Settings in the Aeronautical Map Settings menu.

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ERAA Corridor

Easily customize, calculate, and display the Emergency Route Abort Altitude and control point for a Low Level Corridor. Available with ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag One subscription plan.

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U.S. LTA Documents

Any FAA-published Letters to Airmen are now viewable in the FAA section of the Airport Procedures tab and saved for offline reference. Available for customers with the U.S. region as part of their subscription plan.

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ForeFlight Trip Support - Services Tab

Stay up to speed on trips and services you’ve contracted with ForeFlight’s Trip Support team directly in the app, with details on trip legs, crews and passengers, and up-to-date service status.

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