ForeFlight is a CASA-approved data service provider in Australia!


What is ForeFlight?

ForeFlight is a leading provider of integrated flight planning and flight deck applications for pilots and flight departments. With humble beginnings in the U.S. personal aviation market, the award-winning ForeFlight Mobile EFB app now supports pilots of all stripes and ratings in non-commercial markets around the world, with additional products like ForeFlight Dispatch, ForeFlight Runway Analysis, and more serving corporate flight departments, charter operations, and military squadrons everywhere.

The Complete Package For Australian Pilots

A ForeFlight Australia subscription provides all the charts and documents you need for planning and flying, from VFR, IFR, and PCA charts, to an extensive collection of documents from AirServices Australia and CASA.

The Charts You Need


World Aeronautical Charts 1:1M


Visual Navigation Charts 1:500k


Visual Terminal Charts 1:250k

IFR High & Low

IFR High & Low Enroutes for Australia

PCA/Planning Charts

The latest version of Planning Chart Australia

Procedure Charts

All types of IFR procedure charts, aerodrome charts, and AIP supplementals (where applicable) are provided with all Australian subscription plans. Additionally, any procedure or aerodrome charts that support georeferencing can be overlaid directly on the map alongside weather and other map elements with Australian Pro Plus plans and above.

  • Departures
  • Arrivals
  • Approaches
  • Aerodrome Charts
  • AIP Supplements


Freely download, view, and annotate published documents from both CASA and Airservices Australia in a dedicated Documents drive. This includes regulatory documents, AIPs and airport directories, informational guides, and more. ForeFlight provides intuitive capabilities to annotate, search, bookmark, and share or print documents on iPad, iPhone, and on ForeFlight Web.


ForeFlight + Jeppesen

Greater Than the Sum of its Charts

Jeppesen's global library of terminal procedures and data-driven VFR and IFR enroute charts are available as an option in all ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans.

Jeppesen for Individuals
Jeppesen for Business

Fast, Efficient Flight Planning

Planning to get from A to B used to be a chore. Not any longer. ForeFlight Mobile is designed to boost the speed and efficiency of your planning, briefing, and filing workflow. ForeFlight gives you the flexibility to use graphical Touch Planning™ on the Maps view or the full-featured form-based planner in the Flights view. Be sure to add performance data to your aircraft profile for better fuel consumption and wind-adjusted flight time.

File & Brief

File days ahead of time, amend plans, activate and close VFR flight plans, and get instant, comprehensive, recorded weather briefings.

Touch Planning

Drag. Drop. Fly. It's that easy. ForeFlight Mobile's Touch Planning feature puts you in control of where you go and how you get there. All with a single tap.

Flight Notifications 

Receive in-app notifications when conditions along your route of flight change between when you filed and your departure time.

Procedure Advisor

Select and visualize Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs), and even traffic pattern entries. Easily add any procedure to your route with a tap.

Altitude Advisor

Where is the best tailwind? Altitude Advisor knows. See wind strength, direction, and re-computed total time and fuel burn for every altitude.

Graphical Route Advisor

A visual preview of automatically computed route options recently assigned or cleared by ATC, official preferred routes between airports, and terminal enroute control routes.

Flight Plan Filing

File both IFR and VFR flight plans with Airservices Australia directly in ForeFlight, enabling a seamless flight planning workflow from route planning to filing all in one app. Additionally, you can file, amend, and cancel flight plans without signing into your NAIPS account to streamline the process further.

Weather capabilities

Access a full range of aviation weather products for comprehensive preflight planning. View daily/hourly forecasts, METARs for airports, and an extensive collection of map weather overlays from radar to global icing and turbulence forecasts.

Avionics Connectivity

Connect portable and installed avionics to ForeFlight and deliver capabilities like two-way flight plan transfer, ADS-B weather and traffic, backup attitude, and GPS position.

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Global Hazard Awareness Technology

ForeFlight features a variety of mobile hazard avoidance technologies that use Jeppesen’s global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to provide you with better situational awareness and safety, anywhere you fly.


ForeFlight offers the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant, and precise, with features like night mode and luminous terrain.


Profile View is a vertical cross-section of your route that depicts airspace, terrain, weather, and obstacles along your route or ahead of your aircraft during flight.


Hazard Advisor highlights nearby hazardous terrain and obstacles. The display continually updates based on GPS altitude and position.