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Great stuff! - I have used ForeFlight for a couple of years and thought I knew a lot. I attended my first free training webinar today and realized I only knew a fraction of the capability. The webinar was well organized and easy to follow. Keep up the good work!



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Wednesday, May 27th 

Pilot in Command: Decision Making & Inflight Safety

Watch Phil Inman present our webinar on Decision Making and Inflight Safety. This webinar will cover how to use ForeFlight’s safety features that can help you make better decisions while flying or on the ground. Learn about preflight and inflight tools such as Takeoff & Landing Performance, Glide Advisor, inflight alerts, ADS-B weather and traffic, and more. Richard McSpadden, Executive Director of the AOPA Air Safety Institute, will be joining us to provide insight on aviation safety trends and tips for increasing safety. 

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Wednesday, 6/3

Custom Content in ForeFlight

Custom content in ForeFlight is a great way to enhance its usefulness for your own flight operations. Join Joey Arena and Grant Gibbons to learn about the different types of custom content supported by ForeFlight, how to create and combine them into Content Packs, and how to deploy them during different types of missions. 

The presentation will include live Q&A and will be available for later viewing below. Live attendees will automatically receive WINGS credit if they have an FAA account under the email address used to register.

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Tuesday, 6/9

ForeFlight for CFIs

Join Thomas Daugherty and Susan DeCastro - both ForeFlight experts and CFIs - to learn how flight instructors can integrate ForeFlight into their training plans to help students learn aviation concepts and be better prepared for a future in flight.

This rebroadcast of our popular seminar recorded at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2019 will include live Q&A and will be available for later viewing below. Live attendees will automatically receive WINGS credit if they have an FAA account under the email address used to register.

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Past Events

Watch previous installments in ForeFlight's On Frequency series, including live Q&A.

Filing IFR with ForeFlight (May 21, 2020)

Save time and headaches by filing your IFR flight plans with ForeFlight! Join Robert MacLeod and Tim Stahl, both members of ForeFlight’s specialized Flight Operations team, as they walk through the simple steps to set up and file US IFR flight plans in ForeFlight. They’ll explain how to configure your aircraft’s filing codes, build a new flight plan using ForeFlight’s Route Advisor, and file the flight plan while avoiding common pitfalls.

ForeFlight for Europe: Power Users (May 19, 2020)

Flying in Europe has many unique challenges such as complex airspace structures, many sources of information, and a diverse patchwork of standards and regulations. Join Wolfgang Oestreich, Manager of ForeFlight’s European Pilot Support Team, to learn how ForeFlight can help you deal with these challenges for easier flight planning and flying. Topics include complex flight planning using features like Route Advisor, inflight features like traffic, weather, and hazard avoidance to assist your decision-making, and more.

ForeFlight for Europe: Fundamentals 
(May 12, 2020)

Learn the basics of ForeFlight or get a refresher to optimize your flying! Join Josh Tahmasebi, ForeFlight’s Product Manager for Mapping and International Features, as he walks you through the fundamentals of ForeFlight in Europe. Learn how the app is organized, where to find weather information, how to plan a VFR flight, awareness-boosting inflight features, tools for debriefing your flight, and more.

ForeFlight for Military Pilots (May 7, 2020)

Find out why the world’s top aces fly with ForeFlight! Join former US Navy pilot Tom Gallagher, a member of ForeFlight’s Pilot Support Team, as he walks through the features of ForeFlight Military Flight Bag. Learn about the specialized tools and data types available to military and tactical pilots, and how to get the most out of ForeFlight in any situation. This session will include live Q&A with Tom and Travis Root, ForeFlight’s Product Manager for Military

Going Digital with ForeFlight Logbook (April 29, 2020)

There’s never been a better time to bring your old paper logbook into the 21st century! Join Joey Arena, a member of ForeFlight’s Customer Success team, as he walks through the steps of digitizing your logbook and importing your hours, certificates, endorsements, and more into ForeFlight Logbook. He’ll also show how to convert and import an existing digital logbook from another service into ForeFlight. This session includes Q&A with Joey and Thomas Daugherty, ForeFlight's Logbook Project Manager.

Roundtable: High-Performance Pilots (April 23, 2020)

Join us to learn tips and tricks that can help pilots of high-performance aircraft better utilize ForeFlight for their planning and flying. This roundtable discussion includes several ForeFlight staff members as well as senior pilots from leading flight departments sharing insights into their professional use of ForeFlight, including workflow-enhancing features you might not know about.

ForeFlight & Flight Simulators (April 10, 2020)

Staying at home doesn't mean you have to stay on the ground! Watch Ryan McBride, ForeFlight's Lead Designer, demonstrate how to use ForeFlight with flight simulators to maintain your ForeFlight know-how. CFI and aviation photographer Chris Palmer (@AngleOfAttack) will also join this webinar to provide commentary and share insights based on his use of flight simulators with ForeFlight.

Integrated Document Management for Business Aviation (April 7, 2020)

ForeFlight's integrated document distribution and management capability provides incredible value for flight departments of any size. Watch Caitlin Galloway, ForeFlight's Success Team Lead, demonstrate how to make the most of Cloud Documents and other features to streamline your operation.

Power Users Course
(April 2, 2020)

Watch Thomas Daugherty, ForeFlight Product Manager and CFII, present his "ForeFlight Power Users" course, recorded live at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2019. This course expands on the basics of the app with helpful tips and feature demonstrations using multiple flight planning and inflight scenarios, along with an overview of recent features and a live Q&A session.


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