ForeFlight, Jeppesen, and AOPA are bringing you a series of educational webinars to help you get the most out of ForeFlight. Use #ForeFlightPIC to spread the word!

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Avoiding Loss of Control

Have you ever thought, “I just looked away for a moment!” Learn how loss of control can happen even when you think it cannot happen, or can’t happen to you. Tom Letts of Jeppesen will provide valuable tips on what can happen and how to recover.


Fun Facts About FARs

Watch Tom Letts of Jeppesen dig into some of the most common regulations and see how they protect us. We will look at a few cases that emphasize why we have regulations and we will take an in-depth look at some of the regulations that pilot misinterpret, like logging PIC in a single-engine General Aviation aircraft.

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Jeppesen NavData

Watch Mike Ablanczy present the Jeppesen NavData webinar. Get an inside peek at Jeppesen NavData and learn how we produce services that get you flying, and keep you flying. Learn more about buying Jeppesen NavData here.


Integrated Logbook Webinar

Watch Thomas Daugherty and Joey Arena present our Logbook webinar. This webinar covers the benefits of logging with ForeFlight including automatic logging and currency tracking. Learn how to set up and import your logbook into ForeFlight, create flights that affect your currencies, send and receive endorsements, and more.

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Decision Making & Inflight Safety

Watch Phil Inman present our Decision Making & Inflight Safety webinar with Q&A. This webinar covers how to use ForeFlight’s safety features that can help you prepare for situations while flying or on the ground. Learn about preflight and inflight tools such as Takeoff and Landing Performance, Glide Advisor, inflight alerts, ADS-B weather and traffic, and more.

Cross Country Flight Planning Webinar

Watch Phil Inman present our Cross Country Flight Planning webinar with Q&A. This webinar covers how to plan a cross country flight and what tools ForeFlight offers to make flight planning easier. Learn how to plan a route, check the weather, download the data you need, view your flight in 3D, and more.

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Our other online support resources contain a wealth of valuable information to help you dig even deeper into ForeFlight's features. The Support Center is a great place to start, with hundreds of FAQ articles and links to other resources.

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Our Pilot's Guide to ForeFlight Mobile answers many questions related to our flagship app.

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Find helpful answers to many common questions with a quick search or browse by question topic.

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We have created helpful training videos that can answer many questions about using ForeFlight.

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Learn the basics of ForeFlight, keep up with what's new, and watch deep dives on advanced features with recorded webinars and courses. Check out our schedule for future planned webinars and presentations. Previous webinars are posted here

ForeFlight on Frequency

ForeFlight is also hosting a virtual series of content called ForeFlight on Frequency. Stay sharp on the ground and improve your ForeFlight skills with informative webinars, interviews, training materials, and more!


You’re Going Places

Did you know you can win prizes from AOPA for your airport visits each month? After you reach your destination, simply check in on the AOPA app's Pilot Passport feature and you’ll be entered to win monthly prizes from AOPA. It’s one more reason to get out there and fly!