Sun, Fun, & ForeFlight

We hope you have a great time at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in & Expo in Lakeland, Florida, April 13 - April 18, 2021. While we will not be able to see you in person, check out one of our education forums online to see what's new!

Experience the Latest ForeFlight Features

A lot has happened this last year! While our team members won’t be on site at SUN’n FUN, we still invite you to stop by our booth in Hangar B 88-91 to check out our latest features, take advantage of our spring special, and scan the QR codes to learn more. Catch up on all the newest features from this year, learn everything you need to know about filing with ForeFlight, and get back into flying with our new webinars. 

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Use promo code SPRING2021PRO* when purchasing or upgrading to Pro Plus and start flying with Synthetic Vision, Profile View, Geo-Referenced Plates, and much more! 


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Educational Forums Schedule

All forums are online. View some of our most recent educational webinars from our ForeFlight On Frequency series.

Tuesday, 4/13

Q1 New Feature Roundup

14:00 CDT

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Wednesday, 4/14

Rusty Pilots: Getting Recurrent Digitally with ForeFlight

14:00 CDT

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Thursday, 4/15

All About Flight Plan Filing

14:00 CDT

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Friday, 4/16

What's New in ForeFlight

14:00 CDT

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Course Descriptions

New for 2021

Q1 New Feature Roundup

Join ForeFlight staff to get the inside scoop on all the notable new features released in the first quarter of 2021, including the new Maps Sidebar, upgraded Traffic Alerts, the Approach Minimum field in Procedure Advisor, and more. View ForeFlight's full release history with links to learn about each new feature at

New for 2021

Rusty Pilots: Getting Recurrent Digitally with ForeFlight

It’s time to brush off your iPad and get wheels up again. In this session we will cover BFR and IPC to get you back in the air and walk through scenario based cross-country flights to discuss, weather briefings, preflight planning, hazard awareness, currency tracking and more.

Get back in the air with ForeFlight as we cover the skills you need to go digital, complete your IPC or BFR, and get ready {for a summer of flying adventures} {to retake the skies} {to love aviation again} {to be a pilot in command}

New for 2021

All About Flight Plan Filing

Join Rob MacLeod and Tim Stahl from ForeFlight's FileOps Team to learn the essentials of filing flight plans and have your questions answered. The two will walk through the entire filing process, from basic aircraft setup to route planning, filling out the flight plan form, and amending, canceling, opening, and closing flight plans.

Updated for 2021

What's New in ForeFlight - Fly Confidently With All the Latest Features

This presentation is a must for all ForeFlight customers. Having a hard time keeping up with ForeFlight releases? Do you feel like you are missing out on app capabilities? You won’t want to miss this presentation that covers key features from the latest releases.

Save 5% When You Buy Sentry or Sentry Mini from Sporty's Pilot Shop!

Give the gift of safety-enhancing inflight weather, traffic, and more with these compact ADS-B receivers.

Valid April 12-18, 2021


Check Out Our New Series:  Between Two Wings

Join us as we interview industry professionals, aviation enthusiasts, and fellow ForeFlighters to get an inside look at their lives Between Two Wings. View our upcoming schedule and watch previous episodes here



Learn More About Our Most Recent Features

A lot has changed since we last saw you, so check out our latest features from the past year and give us some feedback to let us know how we are doing or what you'd like to see in the app.


Weather in Profile View

Enhance your route planning with a cross-sectional view of internet icing and turbulence forecasts displayed in Profile View. Profile View uses the same color scales as the overhead map to depict varying intensities for each layer at multiple altitudes in relation to your route line. 

Weather in Profile View is included in ForeFlight’s Performance plans.


Weather in 3D Preview

Enable U.S. or Global Icing, Turbulence, and Cloud Coverage layers using the layer selector in 3D Preview to display forecast weather along your route. 3D View depicts forecast weather as floating colored blocks that use the same color scale to represent forecast severity as the overhead map and Profile View. 

Weather in 3D Preview is included in ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plans.


Daily/Hourly Weather

Stay on top of the weather today or next week with an all-purpose hourly forecast anywhere in the world. Access the globally-supported forecast for any airport in Airports > Weather > Daily, or any other airport popup such as on the Maps or Flights views, or by tap-holding anywhere on the map and tapping “Wx” in the top-right corner of the Add to Route window to see the forecast for that location. 

Track Log Review

Enhance your postflight debrief with a new interactive Track Log view that provides detailed metrics for the entire flight. The new Track Log Graph shows changes in a flight’s altitude and speed based on GPS data, as well as pitch and bank if connected to an AHRS-capable device like Sentry, allowing you to view multiple data streams at once for better visualisation and assessment. Replay your flight in fast-forward mode or manually scrub through the timeline, and spread and pinch to resize the view and swipe left or right to get a better view of maneuvers or other details.

Design Enhancements

ForeFlight features huge design enhancements that makes flight planning more efficient and lets you customize the app to compliment your workflow. ForeFlight Mobile supports iOS Multitasking on iPad, allowing you to use ForeFlight in Split Screen or Slide Over view with other apps at the same time. Additionally, the More tab in ForeFlight Mobile displays a compact menu on the right side of the screen so you can view it without leaving the tab you’re on, and giving other views like Logbook and Checklist more room. 

Flight Binders

ForeFlight's design enhancements have also improved the way you gather and organize plates during flight planning. New flight binders automatically suggest airports and procedures based on the most relevant routes from the Maps or Flights views, and you can also select from the full list of your planned flights. Flight binders organize plates by category in a vertical column on the left side of the screen, with all airport diagrams, SIDs/STARs, approaches, and miscellaneous plates for each airport all grouped together and accessible with a single button.

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