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Run through your checklists with ease and reduce cockpit clutter. Integrated, digital checklist templates keep critical safety procedures organized and easily accessible for every phase of flight.

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Checklists at Your Fingertips

ForeFlight Checklist integrates one of the most important aviation tools into the app you already use for every stage of flight. The intuitive, simple interface fits naturally into your workflow and helps you conduct safer flight operations.

ForeFlight Checklist is a feature of our Basic Plus and Pro Plus subscription plans.

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Checklist Speak

ForeFlight serves as your helpful copilot by automatically calling out each item in a checklist so you can focus on flying. A quick-action bar at the bottom of the screen remains visible on every app view and allows you to pause or exit Speak mode, and move faster or slower through the checklist.

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No Step Left Unchecked

Go with your flow and complete checklists with a series of simple taps. Helpful green check marks and progress indicators keep you on track and ensure you never miss a step.

Smartly Organized

Create checklist groups organized by aircraft with just a few taps. Normal procedures are organized into preflight, inflight, and post-flight groups. Easily rearrange lists using drag and drop gestures to fit your flying workflow.

Single-Tap Emergency

The emergency button immediately takes you to your aircraft’s emergency checklist procedures, saving you time and sparing you the hassle of flipping through paper in a time-critical situation.

Visual Interactive Feedback

Reduce the amount of time you spend heads down with helpful color-coding that gives you visual feedback and an easy way to pick up exactly where you left off with a quick glance.

Flexible Built-in Templates

Derived directly from pilot operating handbooks, choose from one of ForeFlight’s built-in templates for a variety of fixed-wing aircraft models and select rotorcraft models.

Full List of Built-In Templates


Edit built-in templates or create and edit your own customized collection of checklists. A template for the IMSAFE pilot checklist is also available – don’t forget to preflight your fitness for the mission!

Share Checklists & Stay in Sync

Build a checklist template and easily share with your flying friends, club members, or aircraft partners via email or AirDrop. Edits you make to a checklist template automatically sync across of all your devices.

Always Ready To Fly

Leave paper procedures in your aircraft’s side pocket. No need to worry about torn or missing checklist pages if you rent or share ownership of your airplane. With ForeFlight Checklist, the procedures you rely on are always ready to fly.

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