Internet Traffic

In partnership with FlightAware, stream live global traffic from your home, hangar, or FBO to see what’s going on overhead. Internet Traffic is included in all ForeFlight subscription plans.

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Your Window to Busy Skies

Internet Traffic in ForeFlight hooks you into FlightAware’s global traffic coverage, allowing you to view airborne and ground traffic all over the world any time you have an internet connection on the ground. Use it to plan your next flight more intelligently by gauging airport activity like active arrivals and runways. See how ATC is vectoring traffic around active weather systems and plan accordingly. Or take a tour of distant skies right from your couch.

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3D Traffic

View live Internet Traffic via FlightAware in 3D Airports to analyze airport activity, follow takeoffs and landings, and more. When viewing an airport in 3D, tap the new layer selector in the bottom left and select Traffic to display any airborne traffic near the airport. Tap on any traffic target to display its vertical and horizontal track as a blue curtain like in 3D Review.

3D Airports with Traffic is available with ForeFlight Performance Plus and Business Performance plans. 

Global Coverage

Internet Traffic provides live coverage all over the world, using sources like ADS-B, multilateration (MLAT), ASDE-X, and more to provide the most complete view of traffic possible.

FlightAware’s traffic feed even provides estimated positions of aircraft that are beyond the reach of standard detection methods, such as oceanic flights, using the aircraft’s filed flight plan and departure time to calculate its current position.

Air & Ground Traffic

View both airborne and ground traffic to get a more complete picture of activity around any airport environment. ForeFlight interpolates the distinct position reports for airborne traffic to smoothly animate them on the map, and displays tail number or callsign information  for both types of traffic when available. Ground traffic fades into view alongside ForeFlight’s embedded airport diagrams, reducing clutter and providing helpful context.

Learn More with Scheduled Flight Search

ForeFlight’s Scheduled Flight Search feature is a great complement to Internet Traffic, allowing you to see the filed flight plan for most U.S. traffic targets. Just enter the aircraft’s tail number or call sign into ForeFlight’s Search box and tap Scheduled Flights to view a list of all active or upcoming flight plans filed for that aircraft, and tap the top result to load the flight plan on the map.

Ready for Inflight Wi-Fi

Connect to a Gogo or Satcom Direct inflight Wi-Fi network to continue viewing Internet Traffic in the air. Normally disabled after takeoff to avoid the risk of a bad connection, Internet Traffic will re-enable after connecting to one of these reliable networks, allowing you to reference it to better anticipate vectors from ATC and see what arrivals are in use at your destination.

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Detailed Traffic Information

When viewing Internet Traffic, tap on any aircraft marker to view a popup with information about it, including tail number or call sign, altitude, speed, aircraft type, and more. The popups for most aircraft on IFR flight plans also show the departure and destination airports and filed ETA, while many aircraft on VFR flights provide the departure airport. Keep track of any Internet Traffic target with the Auto-Center button in the top right of the Traffic Information popup. Disable Auto-Center mode by tapping the button again or tapping elsewhere on the map. 

Search Traffic Anywhere

Find active Internet Traffic targets anywhere in the world by typing a tail number or call sign into the Search bar. ForeFlight displays matches for partial and complete search terms under an “Internet Traffic” header in the Search results list. Tap on any traffic result to reposition the map and highlight the aircraft, which will also enable the Traffic layer if it isn’t already.