ForeFlight 14 
Now Available!

This release includes new Aeronautical Map Quick Toggles for Airways, Navaids, and Waypoints, improved functionality for Takeoff and Alternate Minimums documents, and more.


New Aero Map Filters

Customize and declutter ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map with new quick toggles for Airways, Navaids, and Waypoints, which were previously combined in a single toggle. Find the best combination of these elements to suit your own flying, such as hiding airways and waypoints on VFR flights, hiding navaids for RNAV-based routes, and more. These filters are also available in Map Settings.

Quickly Find Takeoff & Alternate Minimums

ForeFlight now automatically opens the Takeoff and Alternate Minimums documents to the correct page for any US airport when you view them from that airport’s Procedures list.

Military Flight Bag: GeoTIFF Support

Easily import charts, maps, and other mission assets from current and legacy military mapping software, like FalconView, with new support for GeoTIFF custom content. Like the MBTiles and GeoPDF custom chart formats, you can import GeoTIFF files individually and within a Content Pack's "layers" folder. Click here for more information on creating and using custom content files.  

GeoTIFF support is available with ForeFlight Military Flight Bag subscriptions.

Military Flight Bag: Prioritize Jeppesen Plates

ForeFlight MFB users with linked Jeppesen accounts can now choose to prioritize Jeppesen plates over DOD/FAA plates, causing Jeppesen plates to be listed first anywhere you access plates in ForeFlight. The new setting is available in More > Jeppesen at the bottom of the Jeppesen Settings list and is disabled by default.

Plate Priority is available with ForeFlight Military Flight Bag subscriptions.