ForeFlight 15.1 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 15.1 includes Controlled Airspace Alerts, Binder Printing, Airport NOTAM Filter, and more.



Controlled Airspace Alerts

Receive visual and auditory warnings as you approach, enter, and exit a controlled airspace. ForeFlight will provide the alerts when you are three minutes away and within 500 feet of altitude of the airspace by default. Subsequent alerts as you enter and exit the airspace will be visual only. Tap the visual alerts to dismiss them. Toggle alerts for different types of airspace and adjust the alerting range in Map Settings > Alerts.

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Binder Printing

If you prefer to fly with printed backups of procedure plates/charts, speed up your preflight workflow by printing a Binder with procedure plates and diagrams all at once. From the Plates/Charts view, tap into any Flight Binder and tap the Send To button in the top right, then tap Print Binder to open the iOS Print Options menu. Also, new options in iOS 16 give you more control over print layout.

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Airport NOTAM Filter

Quickly search for airport NOTAMs by entering a keyword to see all NOTAMs containing it at that airport. Access it in Airports > NOTAMs or in any Airport popup.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Information

Access published Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting information in the Airports > Info tab. If no information exists for a given airport, the Category will be marked as Unknown.

Honeywell ADG Integration

Seamlessly upload your flight plan to your Honeywell panel via Honeywell’s Aircraft Data Gateway (ADG), models ADG-300 and ADG-400. ForeFlight supports sending the flight string, initial cruise altitude, average cruise winds aloft, cruise fuel flow, winds aloft for every waypoint in the route, and passenger/payload information.

Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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Expanded Runway Analysis Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product now supports:

  • Hawker Beechcraft 400A and 400XP
  • Learjet 45 (Code E) and 40 (Code B & C)

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Runway Analysis for Individuals
Runway Analysis for Business