ForeFlight 15.11 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 15.11 includes Frequencies in Airspace Alerts, New ForeFlight Regions, and more!



Frequencies in Airspace Alerts

Controlled airspace alerts now provide a list of relevant frequencies as you approach an airspace for easy reference. You can optionally hide the airspace frequencies or customize the alerts in other ways in Map Settings > Alerts > Airspace & NOTAMs.

New ForeFlight Regions

We’re preparing to expand our global chart and data support by launching new regions around the world that you can select as part of your subscription. The new regions build on ForeFlight’s existing options for the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia with the addition of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East & South Asia, Asia & Pacific, and New Zealand.

Explore Country Support

New Country Support: Brazil

Brazilian government charts, data, and documents are now available as part of ForeFlight’s new Latin America region. After adding the region to your subscription you can select Brazil in More > Downloads > Region Settings > Latin America to download the charts and data.

Oceanic Plotting

Active Navlog simplifies the process of recording position reports and conducting GNE checks through its streamlined oceanic plotting workflow. Each GNE check is seamlessly documented in the master flight log, accompanied by a corresponding screenshot, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive record.

Active Navlog's full oceanic plotting functionality requires a subscription to ForeFlight Dispatch in addition to Active Navlog.

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