ForeFlight 16.2 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 16.2 includes MORA/LSALT Grid Overlay, a preview of student comments in Logbook, Traffic on Same Runway Alerts, and more.



MORA/LSALT Grid Overlay

Identify the altitudes to avoid along your flight route by referencing the Minimum Off-Route Altitude (MORA), or Lowest Safe Altitude (LSALT) in Australia, directly on the map. Altitudes, in feet, are represented as the first number indicating thousands and the second, smaller number indicating hundreds within the grid.

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Logbook: Preview Student Comments

Instructors can now review student comments prior to signing remote entries, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Easily append notes, sign, and save without hassle. New signature requests appear in Logbook > Drafts & Requests with a preview of the student’s comments.

Aircraft on Same Runway Alerts

Receive critical safety alerts before entering a runway, notifying you of other aircraft occupying the runway. The prominent visual and audio alerts specify which runway the traffic target is currently using or approaching and visually highlight the traffic target in red.

Controlled Airspace Alerts: RMZs Added

Controlled airspace alerts now encompass RMZs along with their frequencies, providing convenient and timely reference as you approach airspace. Visibility of RMZ frequencies requires a European subscription, while RMZ alerts are accessible to all users.