ForeFlight Mobile URL Schemes

ForeFlight Mobile supports URL-based methods of loading views and data in the app. To use these, you create a URL with the proper format and then click on that URL within an app that supports link-tapping, such as the iOS Mail app.



To launch ForeFlight Mobile and bring up a route on the Maps view, you can use a URL starting with this:


After the q= you can provide any search string that would work in-app, such as:


When specifying speeds, altitudes, or fuel burns, you can include the units after the specified value.

Speed: mph; kts
Fuel burn: gph; pph; lph; kgph
Altitude: ft; m

If a unit is not included, the app's current default unit for that entry will be used.




If specifying a User Waypoint use "USER@"  


If specifying a point in a Content Pack use "CONTPACK@"


You can also specify an aircraft tail number corresponding to an Aircraft Profile in ForeFlight Mobile:


You can specify an altitude and/or speed change at any intermediate waypoint using the syntax: /N####F### where N#### is the speed in knots and F### is the altitude in 100's of feet. For example, to set the alttiude at OCF at 6000', and to set the altitude at NITTS at 4000' and the speed at 100kts, you would use OCF/F060 and NITTS/N0100F040 as shown: