Stop by And See Us At EAA AirVenture!

Visit us in the Boeing Pavilion to discover what's new with ForeFlight, renew and integrate your Jeppesen charts, and experience a Voyager for Apple Vision Pro demo!


Come See Us In the Boeing Pavilion!

Visit Team ForeFlight in the Boeing Pavilion for a personal tour of the latest features, including the Discover tab, Wake Turbulence Alerts, AI Airport Comments Summary, Reported Turbulence, Voyager for Apple Vision Pro, and more!

Daily ForeFlight Forums

You can also learn more about ForeFlight from our experts by attending one of our daily forums. Full forum schedule and course descriptions can be found here.

Explore Voyager for Apple Vision Pro

A limited number of demos of the spatial computing device and ForeFlight Voyager, which transports you to airports near and far with a stunning 3D view and live traffic display, will be available Monday through Saturday. Sign up in the Boeing Pavilion at the Vision Pro Demo space.

Participants must be 16 years or older. Limited to one demo per person.

Learn More about Voyager for Apple Vision Pro

Download the 2024 AirVenture NOTAM on ForeFlight

Keep the AirVenture NOTAM at your fingertips by downloading it from ForeFlight Mobile's Document catalog. From the Documents view, tap the Catalog button in the upper left, then select the ForeFlight drive. Tap the EAA AirVenture OshKosh 2024 NOTICE document to download it to your iPad or iphone.

Tag us @ForeFlight when you land!

Educational Forums Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all forums are at the ForeFlight Forum Pavilion #7 located in the Forums Plaza. Times are local.

Monday, 7/22

11:00 - 12:45
ForeFlight Fundamentals

1:00 - 2:15
ForeFlight Power Users

Tuesday, 7/23

9:00 - 9:45
What's New in ForeFlight 2024
Location: AOPA Tent

10:00 - 11:15
PreFlight and Weather Planning Tools in ForeFlight

1:00 - 2:15
Post Flight Tools in ForeFlight

2:30 - 3:45
Women Advancing Tech in Aviation
Location: WomenVenture Center

Wednesday, 7/24

10:00 - 11:15
ForeFlight Fundamentals

1:00 - 2:15
ForeFlight Power Users

Thursday, 7/25

10:00 - 11:15
What's New in ForeFlight

1:00 - 2:15
The Jeppesen Advantage in ForeFlight


10:00 - 11:15
ForeFlight Fundamentals

12:00 - 12:45
ForeFlight for Pinch Hitters
Location: AOPA Tent

1:00 - 2:15
ForeFlight Power Users

Saturday, 7/27

10:00 - 11:15
Teaching and Learning with ForeFlight

1:00 - 2:15
ForeFlight for Flight Sims

Updated for 2024


Master the basics of ForeFlight with our easy-to-follow introduction tailored for new and prospective users. In this session, you'll get guidance on keeping ForeFlight current, choosing the best subscription tier for your needs, downloading essential flight data, and basic VFR flight planning. We'll explore the core features that make ForeFlight the leading tool for flight planning, ensuring you build a strong foundation from day one.

Updated for 2024


Unlock the full potential of ForeFlight with our scenario-based course on the app’s more advanced features and workflows. Designed for pilots who already have a working knowledge of the app, this session dives deep into maximizing ForeFlight's capabilities, including viewing plates on the map, adjusting weight and balance calculations, complex IFR route building, and emergency procedure features. Learn how to leverage the full suite of ForeFlight features and updates to enhance your flight efficiency and safety.

Updated for 2024


Learn about all of ForeFlight’s latest features from ForeFlight’s Head of Community Ryan McBride, including a new capability ForeFlight will release shortly before AirVenture in July to help pilots find new places to fly, which includes access to all AOPA and EAA events right in ForeFlight and much more!

New for 2024


Discover how ForeFlight seamlessly integrates with popular flight simulators to enhance your training, hone your practice, and maintain currency. Whether you're a pilot using simulators for serious training or a flight simulation enthusiast, this presentation will show you how to integrate and use ForeFlight for a more realistic and effective simulation experience.

Updated for 2024


Whether you’re instructing or learning, transform your aviation education with ForeFlight. Learn how tocuse ForeFlight’s features for lesson planning, inflight instruction, and post-flight debriefs. See how ForeFlight can enhance understanding, improve safety, and streamline the educational experience while reinforcing fundamental piloting skills.

Updated for 2024


Maximize your preflight efficiency with ForeFlight’s powerful suite of flight planning tools. This session will guide you through calculating aircraft performance, setting flight variables like planned route and altitude, and leveraging ForeFlight's dynamic weather products to become familiar with all available information for your flight.

New for 2024


Breeze through your post-flight activities with ForeFlight's suite of tools to help with everything after engine shut down. This session provides an in-depth walkthrough of how to record and review Track Logs, log your flight in Logbook using time-saving automations, share the flight log with your CFI or copilot, and debrief the flight in ForeFlight and CloudAhoy debriefing tools.

New for 2024


Learn how to integrate and use industry-leading Jeppesen charts within ForeFlight to enhance your flight planning and navigation experience. This session will cover what makes Jeppesen charts superior for all types of instrument flying and how to seamlessly incorporate Jeppesen charts in ForeFlight Mobile, providing you with the skills to maximize the combined power of these resources.

Get Started with Jeppesen Charts in ForeFlight

ForeFlight and Jeppesen staff are ready to provide support, answer questions, and get you up and flying with the industry’s leading charts. Plus, take advantage of our onsite show promotion to add Jeppesen charts to your ForeFlight subscription. See how ForeFlight seamlessly integrates Jeppesen charts to give you a world-class navigation solution.

Learn More

Discover New NavData Pricing

Take advantage of Jeppesen’s newly reduced pricing on NavData and chart coverages, now more affordable than ever for Garmin and Avidyne avionics. Enjoy a streamlined purchasing processes at and get flying faster with the best in aeronautical data and charting.

See what other exciting things Boeing is planning for this year's AirVenture here!

Can't Make It to AirVenture?

Check out the recordings from our 2023 educational forums below.

First Flight in ForeFlight (Oshkosh, July 2023)

This presentation is designed to prepare you for your first flight in ForeFlight. It will cover tips on setting up an aircraft, creating a W&B template, planning a simple flight, recording a Track Log, and finally logging that flight in ForeFlight Logbook. Take these tips home with you as you set up your own first flight in ForeFlight.

Mastering the Basics
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

This presentation covers the core features of ForeFlight to get new and potential ForeFlight customers a strong foundation of the features available. Topics covered include downloading and updating ForeFlight, plans and pricing available, downloading data for use in flight, and tools available flight planning.

Power Users:
Advanced Scenarios
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

This presentation is an advanced, scenario-based course on flying with ForeFlight. You will learn how to use the app to its fullest from planning to inflight navigation. This course is beyond beginner level and is geared towards pilots who have at least some working knowledge of the app. An overview of recently added features is also covered.

Weather Planning in ForeFlight
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

Modern flight planning tools make understanding weather and its impact on your flight easier than ever. Attend this presentation to learn how to get the most out of ForeFlight’s extensive weather capabilities as part of your preflight briefing for every flight.

Connectivity in the Cockpit
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

Don’t miss this deep dive into how you can enhance your situational awareness by connecting ForeFlight to installed and portable hardware in your aircraft. Hear how other pilots make use of features like datalink weather, ADS-B traffic, flight plan exchange, and more, and learn about ForeFlight’s latest portable receiver, Sentry Plus.

ForeFlight and Flight Instruction
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

While learning the efficient use of an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is critical for a student's safe flying and business aviation career, ForeFlight can serve both students and CFIs as a valuable gound and in-air training aid. Additionally, flight training organizations can monitor training flights and receive alerts regarding safety events through our powerful P-FOQA and CloudAhoy Debrief tools.

Debriefing in CloudAhoy
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

Learn about ForeFlight’s newest acquisition, CloudAhoy, and their industry-leading post-flight debrief capabilities, including flight segmentation, scoring, and visualization. Learn how to pair CloudAhoy with the ForeFlight tracklog, the Sentry Plus, or other data acquisition sources for an even richer post-flight debrief experience.

ForeFlight Logbook
(Oshkosh, July 2023)

This course will discuss the tools available to you in ForeFlight Logbook. We will cover transitioning to ForeFlight Logbook from paper or other digital logs, recording new entries including those from Track Log, and getting the most out of your reports and currencies.