ForeFlight 11.4 
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This release includes safety-enhancing Takeoff & Landing Performance calculations, Flight Sharing, Logbook and Navlog enhancements, and more.


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Takeoff and Landing Performance

Ensure that you can safely take off and land with runway performance calculations for supported piston and turboprop aircraft. ForeFlight uses published runway performance data and current weather conditions to quickly calculate the most important distance and speed metrics for both takeoff and landing, and warns you when the results exceed the selected runway’s limits. Learn more.

Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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Watch the Video

Flight Sharing

Share planned and filed flight plans with others via Airdrop, email, or text message directly from the Flights view. Flight sharing allows others to see a read-only version of the flight for better communication and easier flight planning between pilots, co-pilots, and crew.

Smart Logbook Photos

ForeFlight can now automatically associate pictures and screenshots taken during a flight with the logbook entry, greatly simplifying the task of adding photos to a new entry. Select the photos that you want to add, and ForeFlight’s Cloud storage and Sync capabilities makes them accessible on all of your mobile devices.

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Logbook NVG Support

Logbook now supports night vision goggles (NVG) currency tracking for both rotorcraft and airplane pilots. Logbook allows you to log NVG time, number of operations, operations with and without passengers, and lets you add an NVG proficiency tag to the entry after a checkride.

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Enhanced Navlog

The Flight’s view Navlog now incorporates more information that will help you better prepare for every flight, including airport diagrams for departure and destination airports, average fuel flow (requires Performance plan), a space in the Notes section for adding your signature, and more. 

New Dotted Route Line Style

ForeFlight will now use a dotted line style for any leg of a SID or STAR that it can’t properly depict in the displayed route, including track, course, or heading from a fix to an altitude, track from a fix for a certain distance, course or heading to a radial or intercept, arc to a fix, etc. These route style changes replace the warning dialog that previously advised you to check the plate/chart for full info when adding unsupported legs to a route.

Expanded European Coverage for Spain and Portugal

European subscribers can now download new AIP charts for Spain and Portugal including VFR and IFR procedures, APDs, and documents for both countries. The DFS VFR 500 Chart covering both Spain and Portugal is also available as an optional add-on to enhance your visual flying.

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