ForeFlight 14.10 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 14.10 includes ATC Sector Boundaries, Radar Layer Changes, Aircraft & Route Filing Remarks, and more.



Radar Layer Changes & More

ForeFlight’s Radar layer has a new source that will slightly change the appearance of radar on the map and improve the design of storm tracks, echo tops, and severe weather icons. Other changes include the discontinuation of the Lowest-Tilt Radar layer and minor changes to Satellite and Global Turbulence layers.

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ATC Boundaries

View ATC sector boundaries directly on the map as part of the Aeronautical Map’s ARTCC/FIR layer. Tap-hold on the map to view information about each ACC/UAC along with other airspace at that location. You can toggle these new boundaries in Map Settings > ARTCC/FIR. You can also toggle between low and high ATC sector boundaries and ARTCC frequency “postage” stamps in the U.S. as before.

Aircraft Filing Remarks

Specify remarks for a given aircraft like call sign information, registration number, or SATCOM phone number to be automatically inserted in field 18 of the ICAO flight plan form every time you file with that aircraft. You can find the Remarks field by visiting More > Aircraft, selecting an aircraft, and then scrolling to the Filing section to add Remarks.

This field is currently only available on ForeFlight Mobile for non-published aircraft profiles. Support for published aircraft on ForeFlight Web is coming soon.

Route Filing Remarks

Edit waypoint-specific route elements like Delays/STAYs and add remarks for ATC directly in the Filing Form before filing a flight plan. Military Flight Bag customers can also edit and add remarks to MFB-specific mid-route adjustments like Aerial Refueling Tracks, MTRs, and Enroute Fuel Changes using the same form.

Expanded Runway Analysis Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product now supports:

  • Hawker 900XP

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Runway Analysis for Individuals
Runway Analysis for Business