Military Flight Bag One

Bring the power of the mission planning system into the cockpit with the world’s most advanced integrated flight application. With more of your data, workflows, and advanced military flight planning features, MFB One is another way ForeFlight brings it all together.

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WEBINAR: Military Flight Bag One

Watch ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag team demonstrate MFB One, the new top-tier subscription plan for military pilots that puts the power of a mission planning system on your iPad. 

Watch the video

Watch the Video

Enroute Fuel Changes

Take the guesswork out of aerial refueling plans. Whether crossing the ocean or training in CONUS, gain insight into your fuel state across the route and the total fuel required for any journey. Then, pre-plan on the ground and re-plan in the air in online or offline states.

Official DD-175-1 Weather Briefings from the USAF

Military Flight Bag One adds a connection to the USAF Joint Environmental Toolkit system. With just two taps, submit your MFB One flight plan to live USAF 557th Weather Wing professionals who craft an official DD-175-1 Mission Execution Forecast. Then, watch as it is automatically attached to your flight plan; no calls, emails, or desktop computer required.

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"Built-in DD-175-1 support for weather briefings is unbelievably helpful. The fact that it gives you status updates and populates the brief all within the app blew my mind!"

—U.S. Army Chinook Pilot

Tactical Precision with Time On Target™

Time on Target™ is a powerful cockpit tool that gets you where you need to be at precisely the right time. Store a series of to-the-second times on navigation points, and see feedback about the required groundspeed to arrive at a precise time. Whether you're meeting a contact time or performing a stadium flyover, Time on Target is the perfect addition to any flight bag.

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“With Time on Target, we know we’ll be on time for any fly-past… that functionality is great for us.”

—Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team “Red Arrows”

Planning with US DOD Obstacles

Make your workflows easier with more of your data in one place. Perform official Chart Update Management (CHUM) with a complete, always up-to-date set of DOD obstacles... more than 20 million worldwide! Backed by the incredibly detailed Digital Vertical Obstruction File, the DOD obstacles layer facilitates safer planning of low-level missions.

U.S. Air Force Weather in 3D

Plan around forecaster-in-the-loop icing and turbulence forecasts in three dimensions. Icing and Turbulence Layers from the 557th Weather Wing are now available in 3D view, aiding safe and effective operation of aircraft and sensors in difficult weather.