All the Essentials in the
Industry Leading Military Flight App

Data-Driven Aeronautical Maps

Flight Planning in App & on the Web

Global DOD Charts, Procedures, & Documents*

Geo-Referenced Charts & Plates on Map

Global Mission Planning Charts*

International Flight Plan Filing with DD-1801 Support

Military Training Routes*

Aerial Refueling Tracks*

Bullseye Tactical Navigation Tool

.CRD Flight Plan Imports

557th Weather Wing METARs & TAFs*

Hold Advisor

Navigation, Terrain & Obstacle Data

Profile View, Hazard Advisor, & Synthetic Vision

Account Administration Tools

Centralized Aircraft Publishing

Cloud Documents

Remote Sideloading

MFB Performance

Next-Generation Performance Flight Planning and More

Everything in MFB Pro

Military Aircraft Performance Profiles**

Improved Time & Fuel Calculations

Optimized Autorouting

Pre-Departure Clearance & D-ATIS

Fuel Load Planning & Limit Checks

Integrated Weight & Balance

557th Weather Wing Icing & Turbulence Layers*

Forecast Weather in Profile View

Dynamic Winds Speeds & Temps Layers

3D Airports, Preview, & Review

Marked Positions

Files in Flights

Taxi Routing

Augmented Procedures

Supports ForeFlight Dispatch

Supports Runway Analysis


Tools for Complex Planning &
Integrations with DoD Resources

Everything in MFB Performance

Enroute Fuel Changes

Time on Target™

Air Force Weather Briefs*

DoD Obstacles*

557th Weather Wing Forecasts in 3D & Profile View*

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* For approved customers subject to the National GEOINT Agency (NGA) Aeronautical Data License Agreement

** Subject to export license approval









Data-Driven Aeronautical Maps & High-Resolution Basemap
Route Planning
File & Brief
Aviation Weather
Civilian VFR & IFR Charts
Global DOD Charts, Procedures & Documents
Airport & FBO Information
Global Navigation Data
Track Logs & Breadcrumbs
Geo-Referenced Approaches & Taxi Charts
Plates on Maps
Bullseye Tactical Navigation Tool
Synthetic Vision with Glance Mode
Hazard Advisor & Automatic Hazard Alerts
Terrain Profile View with Airspace
Flight Notifications & Messages
Printable Navlog
Weight & Balance
Avionics Connectivity
Internet Traffic
ForeFlight on the Web
Manage Users
Manage Devices
Aircraft Manager with Aircraft Sync
Content Currency & Compliance Tracking
Remote Sideloading
Cloud Documents
Manage Jeppesen Charts
Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles
Improved Time & Fuel Calculations
Optimized Autorouting
Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) & D-ATIS
Fuel & Weight Planning
Approved Icing & Turbulence Forecast Layers
Organized Track Systems
Content Packs
Airport 3D & 3D Review
Files in Flights
Marked Positions
Taxi Routing
Supports ForeFlight Dispatch
Supports ForeFlight Runway Analysis
Enroute Fuel Change Planning
Time on Target
Air Force Weather Briefs
DOD Obstacles
Concierge Account Management

United States, Canada & Europe Regions are Included. All available ForeFlight regions are included with MFB One subscription plans.

Meet Sentry. It's What’s Next in ADS-B Portables.

Offers inflight weather and traffic on ForeFlight, AHRS, internal WAAS GPS, longer battery life, onboard storage for weather replay, and a CO sensor and alarm system for added safety.

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