ForeFlight 15.6 
Now Available!

ForeFlight 15.6 includes ADS-B Traffic Breadcrumbs, Day/Night Overlay, Aircraft on Runway Alerts, and more.



Pro Plus and Above

ADS-B Traffic Breadcrumbs

Check the recent flight paths of nearby aircraft to boost your situational awareness and see which runways or procedures are in use. Tap any airborne or grounded traffic target to display its breadcrumb trail in green along with information about the target, and tap elsewhere on the map to hide it.

Traffic Breadcrumbs require live traffic information from an ADS-B or FLARM receiver such as Sentry Plus.

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Day/Night Overlay

See where night has fallen around the world as well as the real-time day/night boundary directly on the map. Enable the new overlay in Map Settings > Day/Night Overlay.

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Aircraft on Runway Alerts

Receive critical safety alerts during final approach when an aircraft is present on your runway, as well as when an aircraft is approaching the runway you’re currently on, while connected to an ADS-B or FLARM receiver.

Customize the types of alerts you receive or disable them entirely in Map Settings > Alerts.

Pro Plus and Above

Cloud Documents: OneDrive Support

Wirelessly upload custom documents to all your signed-in devices from a connected Microsoft OneDrive folder. Visit the Documents page on ForeFlight Web then click Add Cloud Drive under the My Drives section.

Set Up Cloud Documents

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Baro-Corrected Pressure Altitude

View your corrected barometric altitude based on raw pressure readings and nearby METAR data from internet or FIS-B weather broadcasts. Tap any slot in ForeFlight’s Instrument Panel and select Baro Altitude to add the new instrument. Related instruments include: Cabin Pressure, Pressure Altitude, and Nearest Baro.

This instrument will only use barometric pressure data from a reliable source (portable receivers, panel avionics, etc.), not from built-in barometers on iPads or iPhones.