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Global Aeronautical Maps

ForeFlight's data-driven Aeronautical Maps, available on mobile and the web, feature incredibly fast Continuous Zoom™ technology and dynamic decluttering, powered by a completely rebuilt map engine.

Map elements smoothly scale without losing clarity. Airport Diagrams and FBO markers are embedded directly into the map. Customize by toggling on/off aeronautical data, adjust text size and choose between light and dark themes.

Route Planning

Graphical Touch Planning and interactive route editor makes it easy to plan and modify your route.

Procedure Advisor presents SIDs, STARs, approaches, SAR patterns, and traffic pattern entries that can be added to your route with a tap.

Altitude Advisor shows wind speed and direction to optimize fuel burn.

Route Advisor provides a selection of automatically computed airway routes, recently cleared ATC routes, Terminal Enroute Clearances, and Preferred Routes.

TFRs are plotted graphically on the map and color coded to indicate status as active or upcoming.

File & Brief

File, amend, and cancel IFR plans, and activate and close VFR plans from within the app.

In addition to US VFR and IFR plans, you can now file intra-Canada VFR as well as IFR in all of North America, Caribbean, and the Bahamas. ForeFlight supports the ICAO flight plan format on mobile and on the web.

ForeFlight Graphical Briefing transforms the standard text preflight briefing information into a visually elegant design for better readability.

Aviation Weather

Forecast weather imagery products and real-time weather map overlays, including: animated high resolution NEXRAD composite radar with lightning strikes, rotation detection and storm tracks, global color-enhanced infrared satellite, color-coded METARs, TAFs, temperature, dewpoint, visibility, and global winds aloft, graphical AIR/SIGMETs and Center Weather Advisories, and more.

VFR & IFR Charts

All the VFR and IFR charts you need based on your selected geo-region.

United States geo-region includes FAA VFR Sectionals, TACs, WACs, IFR High and Low enroutes, IFR planning, and FAA Helicopter, Gulf of Mexico VFR, and Gulf of Mexico IFR charts.

Canada geo-region includes NAV Canada VNC, VTA, and IFR High and Low enroutes.

A variety of base map layers improve situational awareness, including world, terrain, street and satellite views.

Airport & FBO Information

Neatly organized global airport directory includes over 25,000 locations. View frequencies, procedures, runways, weather, and more.

Comprehensive FBO Directory provides services, amenities, fuel prices, photos, contact information, and more.

Global Navigation Data

Global navigation data, including airports, navigation aids, waypoints, airspace, airway, SID/STAR and approach procedure data.

Delta Downloads technology results in 4x faster downloads and 70% less disk space when data and chart updates are delivered every 28 days.

Weight & Balance

Weight & Balance comes pre-loaded with more than 100 aircraft models. A smart interview wizard walks you through the setup.

Customize unlimited aircraft profiles.

Visual and aural alerts let you know at-a-glance if you are out of limits.

ForeFlight on the Web

Aeronautical Maps look stunning on the web where it is easier than ever to manage aircraft profiles and plan, file and brief flights in a beautifully designed desktop experience. Text & rubber band planning. Familiar Navlog, Route Editor & Route Advisor. Graphical Briefing. Fast auto-complete search engine. Real-time sync with mobile devices.

Avionics Connectivity

ForeFlight Connect is a platform that enables portable and installed avionics to connect with ForeFlight and deliver capabilities like two-way flight plan transfer, and the display of ADS-B weather and traffic, back-up attitude and GPS position.

Partners include Stratus, Garmin, Avidyne, L-3, Dynon Avionics, FreeFlight, Aspen Avionics, Bad Elf, and more.

Geo-Referenced Approaches & Taxi Charts

Taxi charts and approach plates are geo-referenced to enable the real-time display of your GPS position on the chart.

On the ground, runway proximity advisor helps you avoid runway incursions.

In the air, never lose sight of where you are on an approach.

Plates on Maps

For the ultimate in situational awareness, view approach plates and taxi charts overlaid onto the maps view, along with hazards and weather in one seamless view.

Hazard Advisor

A moving map overlay view that depicts hazardous terrain and obstacles, dynamically highlighted yellow and red based on the relative height of your aircraft to the hazard.

Terrain & Obstacle Profile View

Profile takes Hazard Advisor into vertical mode and gives you a side view of terrain and obstacles along your planned route.

Use Profile on the ground to easily determine the highest point along your route, how much clearance you have over that highest point, and if your planned altitude intersects with any terrain or obstacles.

In the air, Profile scrolls along as you fly and continuously updates your height AGL.

Cloud Documents

Fast, affordable, cloud-based document distribution for your flight department.

Every flight manual, operating handbook, and every change on every pilot's iPad - delivered from the cloud of your choice.

Securely publish and update documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface using any one of three supported cloud services: Box, Amazon S3, or Dropbox.

Flight Notifications

After filing, ForeFlight sends you real-time push and email notifications when expected route information is released from ATC.

Flight Notifications also delivers any new or modified condition information to all of your synced devices as it occurs, including updates to: TFRs, airport/runway closed/unsafe NOTAMs, PIREPs, SIGMETs, Convective SIGMETs, AIRMETs, Center Weather Advisories (CWAs), and Severe Weather Watches/Warnings.

Manage Users

With ForeFlight Manage - our secure online portal for professional flight operators - flight department managers can easily add and remove pilots from the account.

Manage Devices

Through ForeFlight Manage, track devices and ensure that your pilots are all flying with the latest version of ForeFlight.

Content Currency & Compliance Tracking

ForeFlight Manage makes it easy to ensure everyone is flying with current information - monitor chart, map, and document revisions loaded on every iPad.

Concierge Account Management

ForeFlight's Fanatical Pilot Support™ extends to your flight operation with dedicated account managers that help you climb aboard, answer questions, help with upgrades and expansions, organize pilot training, and provide the flight support you need throughout the year.

Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles

Our in-house performance team built each performance profile according to the climb, descent, and cruise model parameters defined for multiple aircraft weights, altitudes, and temperatures as published in the manufacturer’s data.

Next-Generation Planning Engine

ForeFlight’s planning engine, powered by AviationCloud technology, is a highly advanced platform for providing best-in-class flight planning capabilities. The planning engine analyzes current and forecasted wind/temperature data, aircraft performance capabilities, and recently cleared routes to offer a comprehensive list of route options – even for airports without previously flown or preferred routes. Simply select your desired cruise profile and ForeFlight handles the complex calculations, delivering the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Accurate Time & Fuel Flow Calculations

ForeFlight's next-generation flight planning engine uses detailed aircraft performance and mission payload to calculate accurate flight time and fuel burn along a route. Aircraft models are defined for multiple altitudes, weights, and temperatures, providing accurate speed and fuel flow data for all conditions.

Optimized AviationCloud Routes

AviationCloud, a ForeFlight company, specializes in advanced global route generation. AviationCloud wind-optimized routes are generated based on your aircraft type, selected performance profile, and the most recent environmental data and forecasts for your departure time. AviationCloud routes are file-able and will typically offer the best performance results out of all the routes shown - even for small or remote airports without previously flown or preferred routes.

Fuel Policies & Payload Safety Checks

ForeFlight supports multiple fuel policies giving you the flexibility to calculate block fuel using a desired fuel strategy. Automatic structural weight limit checks with visual alert feedback eliminate an overweight takeoff or landing scenario.

Printable NavLog

Print your navlog trip sheet and track actual performance against planned. The Navlog Includes route leg performance and a wind and temperature aloft table for quick reference to forecasted conditions at each waypoint.

Integrated JetFuelX Prices

JetFuelX is the simple and fast way to manage your multiple fuel card memberships. With the ForeFlight Performance Plus plan, your contract fuel prices can be conveniently displayed within ForeFlight Mobile and on the web.

Fanatical Pilot Support™

Every support team member is a pilot and ForeFlight expert. Contact us any time at

Business Pro and Business Performance require a minimum of two licenses. Each license supports one iPad and one iPhone.

One Geographic Region is included (United States or Canada).


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(minimum of 2 licenses)

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