Military Flight Bag Plan Comparison


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Features MFB Pro MFB Performance Aero App
Flight Planning on Mobile and the web mobile only
Filing, Briefing, & Flight Notifications
Integrated DD-1801 Filing
Fully Stackable Global Animated Weather Map Layers
557th Weather Wing METARs & TAFs
Global Synthetic Vision, Hazard Advisor & Terrain Profile View
Geo-referenced Approach Plates, Taxi Charts, VFR & IFR Charts from FAA, DOD, & NAVCANADA
Global Data-Driven Aeronautical Maps with Worldwide Airspace & Airways
Global Procedure Preview for SIDs, STARs, Approaches, VFR Pattern Entry
Plates on Maps
Optional Worldwide Jeppesen Charts
Integrated Mission Planning Charts (JOG, TPC, ONC, & Range Charts)
ForeFlight Taxi Charts
Airport & FBO Information
Avionics Connectivity (incl satellite weather, traffic, AHRS, WAAS GPS, pressure altitude)
Glide Advisor
Professional-Grade Printable Navlog
Built-In Documents Catalog with FAA, DOD, & NAVCANADA Supplemental Pubs
Weight & Balance
Cloud Documents
Global Icing, Turbulence, and Surface Analysis Map Layers (non-military)
Import .CRD Flight Plan Files
Route Planning with Military Training Routes display only
Route Planning with Aerial Refueling Tracks display only
Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles  
Next-Generation Global Flight Planning Engine  
Highly Accurate Time & Fuel Calculations  
Global Wind- & Temperature-Optimized Autorouting  
Fuel Policies & Payload Safety Checks  
Pre-Departure Clearance & Digital ATIS  
Content Packs  
557th Weather Wing Global Icing & Turbulence Layers  
ForeFlight’s Signature Fanatical Pilot Support (seven days a week)