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ForeFlight in Flight Simulators

ForeFlight & Flight Simulators

Staying at home doesn't mean you have to stay on the ground! Watch Ryan McBride, ForeFlight's Lead Designer, demonstrate how to use ForeFlight with flight simulators to maintain your ForeFlight know-how. CFI and aviation photographer Chris Palmer (@AngleOfAttack) will also join this webinar to provide commentary and share insights based on his use of flight simulators with ForeFlight.

Making the Most of Flight Simulators

Watch Martin Kemp, ForeFlight's Director of Product, and Chris Palmer, CFI and founder of Angle of Attack (@AngleOfAttack), demonstrate how to use ForeFlight with flight simulators to assist with your flight training, maintain proficiency, and increase your ForeFlight know-how safely.

This webinar includes discussion about several popular flight simulators, how to connect them to ForeFlight, amd how ForeFlight can enhance your experience and situational awareness while using a simulator.

Logbook Simulator Support

ForeFlight Logbook makes it easy to log time and update currency using a range of flight simulators, which you can set up and use in Logbook just like you would a regular aircraft.

Learn more about ForeFlight Logbook ‚ȧa href="">here.