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    Maps Sidebar

    Tap to learn about airspace, map elements, and more using the Maps view’s information Sidebar, which lets you dig into details while still interacting with the map.

    Tap on most map elements or tap-hold anywhere on the map to open the sidebar. A pulsing green circle indicates the marker or location you tapped, and selecting airspace within the sidebar will highlight it green on the map as well. Tap on other map elements with the sidebar open to load their information into it. Tapping on airways or legs in your route line will highlight those segments with a green outline rather than a circle.

    Per Leg Altitudes in Profile

    Plan enroute altitude changes around terrain, weather, or airspace and visualize them in Profile View, with the option to start or end a climb or descent at a specified waypoint. Profile View is included in Pro Plus subscription plans and above.

    Route Line in Profile View

    ForeFlight’s Profile View offers a side-on perspective showing your route line and inflight progress in relation to terrain, obstacles, and airspace, supplementing the top-down map view and improving your situational awareness. Profile view is included in ForeFlight Pro plans and above.

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