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    Advanced Flight Planning with ForeFlight Dispatch

    Join ForeFlight Product Manager Caitlin Galloway and Technical Expert Josh Pava to learn how Dispatch, ForeFlight’s next-generation flight planning solution for Business Aviation, can boost the operational efficiency of flight departments large and small. Through two example flight plans of increasing complexity, Caitlin will demonstrate how Dispatch’s advanced capabilities allow for greater efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration between pilots, flight planners, and ops managers.

    Custom Navlog Builder in Dispatch

    Better support your pilots on every flight with a customized Navlog layout suited to your operation. The Custom Navlog Builder is available for all ForeFlight Dispatch customers.

    Learn more about ForeFlight Dispatch here.

    ForeFlight Dispatch

    Dispatch - an add-on to ForeFlight’s Mobile and Web application - sets a new standard in team flight planning that equally empowers pilots, flight planners, and ops managers in flight departments big and small to collaborate and plan flights with greater efficiency and precision.

    Learn more about ForeFlight Dispatch here.

    Maximize Your Savings with Fuel Advisor

    Join ForeFlight Product Manager Caitlin Galloway and Director of Engineering Daniel Dahl to learn how Fuel Advisor, ForeFlight’s integrated tankering solution, can maximize your savings on every trip. Caitlin and Daniel will demonstrate how Fuel Advisor integrates with the next-generation flight planning capabilities of ForeFlight Dispatch, and identifies savings while taking aircraft performance, Runway Analysis, and Weight & Balance into consideration.

    The Power of International Trip Planning & ForeFlight Dispatch

    Join ForeFlight and Jeppesen staff to learn how using ForeFlight Dispatch and Jeppesen International Trip Planning Services simplifies every aspect of flight planning – from route generation to coordinating ground handling and permits – for any flight department. Also learn about the close integration between Dispatch and ITPS that allows trip support personnel to send last-minute information directly to pilots in ForeFlight.

    ForeFlight Dispatch 101 (NBAA BACE 2021)

    ForeFlight Dispatch is a collaborative flight planning solution that integrates with the ForeFlight Mobile App as well as scheduling services and trip support providers. Dispatch’s cloud-based flight planning engine and advanced capabilities are tailor-made for Business Aviation, allowing pilots, flight planners, and ops managers in flight departments big and small to collaboratively plan flights with greater efficiency and precision. This presentation will cover Dispatch’s essential features and workflows and how they can help your business aviation operation today.

    ForeFlight Dispatch 201 (NBAA BACE 2021)

    ForeFlight Dispatch has advanced tremendously since its unveiling at NBAA BACE 2019, continually enhancing existing capabilities and adding many others to help flight departments plan and collaborate more easily. This presentation will cover the most significant new features in Dispatch, including industry-first automated flight planning with AutoDispatch, integrated eAPIS, and Dispatch’s soon-to-be-released tankering capability that can pay for itself in a single trip.

    MFB Admin & Group Account Management

    Join ForeFlight’s Military Success Coordinator, Joey Arena, to learn how to administer and optimize your unit’s Military Flight Bag account, and peek into how ForeFlight Dispatch can support your operation. Joey will guide you through how to configure and publish aircraft, view and manage compliance reports, and connect a Cloud Drive for seamless document distribution. Additionally, we’ll highlight the advanced capabilities of our web-based, squadron-to-mobile platform, ForeFlight Dispatch – now available DoD-wide via the AFFSA Safety of Navigation contract.

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