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    Fuel Stop Planning with Trip Assistant

    ForeFlight’s Trip Assistant feature enables fast door-to-door trip planning in a sleek interface, complete with drive times, forward and backward planning, and a Fuel Stop Advisor that helps you save on trip time and fuel costs. Trip Assistant is available with Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

    Learn more about Trip Assistant here.

    Helpful Web Features
    ForeFlight on the web includes helpful features that enable fast flight planning from your desktop browser.
    Performance Part 9 - JetFuelX in ForeFlight

    This is part nine of our Performance video series, which walks through how to integrate your JetFuelX account with ForeFlight so you can view your contract jet fuel prices inside the mobile app or on the web. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

    Refined Fuel Planning

    The fuel planning section of the Flights view has a new layout that provides more flexibility in adjusting fuel policies to hit target values. Fuel and weight planning is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

    Send FBO Fuel Orders

    FBO Fuel Orders allow you to notify the destination FBO of your estimated arrival time and fuel order request using a simple form that is transmitted right from the Flights tab. 

    Fuel Orders are available for Performance Plus and Business Performance subscribers.

    Aerial Refueling Tracks

    ForeFlight Military Flight Bag displays Aerial Refueling Tracks for both training and operational use around the world, helping military pilots plan and conduct flights that include aerial refueling.

    Maximize Your Savings with Fuel Advisor

    Join ForeFlight Product Manager Caitlin Galloway and Director of Engineering Daniel Dahl to learn how Fuel Advisor, ForeFlight’s integrated tankering solution, can maximize your savings on every trip. Caitlin and Daniel will demonstrate how Fuel Advisor integrates with the next-generation flight planning capabilities of ForeFlight Dispatch, and identifies savings while taking aircraft performance, Runway Analysis, and Weight & Balance into consideration.

    MFB One: Enroute Fuel Changes

    Easily incorporate aerial refueling into your flight plan and update enroute performance calculations accordingly with Enroute Fuel Changes, available with ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag One subscription plan.

    Performance Part 4 - Payload and Fuel Planning

    This is part four of our Performance video series, which walks through the process of entering payload details for a flight and managing fuel usage, including selecting a fuel policy. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

    Record Actual Time & Fuel with the Flight Log

    If you keep an aircraft flight log for recording actual time and fuel values, the new Flight Log can streamline your post-flight workflow by automating common time calculations. It also provides an easy way to compare actual ETE and fuel burn with planned so you can fine-tune your aircraft performance profile.

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