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    Smart Logbook Photos

    ForeFlight’s Logbook can automatically suggest photos that you took during a flight so you can quickly review and add them to new Logbook entries.

    ForeFlight Logbook (EAA AirVenture 2023)

    This course will discuss the tools available to you in ForeFlight Logbook. We will cover transitioning to ForeFlight Logbook from paper or other digital logs, recording new entries including those from Track Log, and getting the most out of your reports and currencies.

    Automatic Track Logging

    This video describes ForeFlight's auto-start, -stop, and -upload capabilities for Track Logs, and how you can automatically create new Logbook entries from Track Logs.

    First Flight in ForeFlight (EAA AirVenture 2023)

    This course is designed to prepare you for your first flight in ForeFlight. It will cover tips on setting up an aircraft, creating a W&B template, planning a simple flight, recording a Track Log, and finally logging that flight in ForeFlight Logbook. Take these tips home with you as you set up your own first flight in ForeFlight.

    ForeFlight for Student Pilots

    Join Susan DeCastro and Chris Mauser as they discuss the benefits of incorporating ForeFlight into flight training from the student’s perspective. ForeFlight can help demonstrate and reinforce fundamental aviation concepts, provide greater inflight safety and confidence, and help students stay organized with Logbook, Documents, and more.

    Import Garmin G1000 Track Logs

    ForeFlight can import track logs created by a Garmin G1000 to simplify how you organize and access your recorded flights. Imported G1000 track logs support all the same features as native ForeFlight track logs, so you can debrief the flight using Track Log Review, follow it in 3D Review, and send it to your Logbook for easy recordkeeping.

    iPhone & iPad Design Improvements

    We’ve been working hard on redesigning the app’s interface on the iPhone to create a more consistent and familiar experience between it and the iPad, and this new interface is now available for all ForeFlight customers.

    The biggest thing you’ll notice about the new interface is the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, which replaces the “Menu” button as the primary means of navigating around the app. The tab bar makes it much easier to move between different views in the app, and provides a consistent navigation paradigm between the iPhone and iPad.

    The iPad has some notable changes as well. Favorite and Recent buttons throughout the app are consolidated under a single button and a new “slim” tab bar design increases usable screen space. Finally, we redesigned the More view to group the tabs on the left into more logical sections. We moved frequently used features like Logbook and Checklist to the top and administration functions like Downloads, Account, and Settings to the bottom.

    Multitasking Support & Major Design Improvements

    This "Coming Soon" video was published 2 weeks prior to our May release as a sneak peek of the major changes included it in. These changes are now available in the App Store, along with new Internet Traffic via FlightAware. Visit to learn about that and other features included in the release.


    ForeFlight's May 2020 release includes support for Multitasking on iPad, plus a huge collection of design improvements on both iPad and iPhone that establish a fully unified and consistent interface across all devices. 

    The result is a more efficient layout, a re-imagined compact More menu, support for re-arranging the Tab order, fullscreen layouts for pages like Checklist and Logbook, and the arrival of virtually all iPad-only features on the iPhone, including the FPL "Bubble Editor" and dedicated Plates and Scratchpad views.

    Watch ForeFlight's Lead Product Designer, Ryan McBride, walk through many of these changes and how to use the new Multitasking functionality.

    Tips for Rusty Pilots

    Join ForeFlight Team Lead and CFII Thomas Daugherty as he walks through helpful tips and strategies for out-of-practice pilots to get back in the air with ForeFlight! This webinar will cover the skills you need to go digital with ForeFlight Logbook, study up with the help of ForeFlight's extensive Documents catalog, complete your IPC or BFR, and get ready to retake the skies as PIC.

    Track Log Editing

    Trim your recorded track logs using non-destructive editing to accurately line them up with the beginning and end of your flights and automatically update Logbook entries to match.

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