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    Connecting Avionics with ForeFlight in Europe

    NOTE: Since this webinar, ForeFlight released Sentry Plus, a portable ADS-B and FLARM receiver.

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Wolfgang Oestreich to learn how ForeFlight connects with portable devices and installed avionics to enhance your inflight workflow. Wolfgang will cover supported devices available in Europe, including portable devices to receive FLARM and ADS-B traffic, sending route data to and from your avionics using Flight Plan Transfer, and how to receive inflight weather.

    Connectivity in the Cockpit (EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022)

    Don’t miss this deep dive into how you can enhance your situational awareness by connecting ForeFlight to installed and portable hardware in your aircraft. Product Manager Cole Crawford and Sporty's President John Zimmerman explain how pilots can make use of features like datalink weather, ADS-B traffic, flight plan exchange, and more, and learn about ForeFlight’s latest portable receiver, Sentry Plus.

    Sentry Plus - The Latest in Portable ADS-B

    The best in portable ADS-B just got better. Sentry Plus builds on essential safety-enhancing capabilities with powerful new innovations to put a + on your flying and debriefing workflows with subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic, carbon-monoxide monitoring, a high-performance track log recorder, AHRS for backup attitude + g-Load tracking, and more in a compact case with industry-leading battery life.

    Available now from Sporty's Pilot Shop in North America and SkyFox and CAE Pilot Shop in Europe. Visit to learn more.

    Vorstellung des Sentry Plus - dem neuesten bei mobilen ADS-B Geräten

    Das Beste der tragbaren ADS-B-Geräte wurde jetzt noch besser. Das Sentry Plus erweitert die vorhandenen sicherheitsbezogenen Funktionen mit leistungsstarken neuen Erweiterungen.
    Zur Verbesserung Ihrer Flug- und Debriefing-Abläufe stehen nun ADS-B- und FLARM-Verkehrsinformationen, Kohlenmonoxid-Überwachung, ein leistungsstarker Track-Log-Recorder, AHRS für Backup-Lageinformationen, g-Load-Tracking und vieles mehr in einem kompakten Gehäuse mit branchenführender Akkulaufzeit zur Verfügung.

    Erhältlich ab sofort bei SkyFox und CAE Pilot Shop. Besuchen Sie, um mehr zu erfahren.

    Synthetic Vision on iPhone

    ForeFlight’s advanced hazard awareness capability and backup attitude indicator is now available on the iPhone, and it looks fantastic! See detailed 3D terrain, obstacles, and runways in full screen Portrait or Landscape mode, and pair with an AHRS-capable ADS-B receiver like Sentry or compatible Garmin equipment for dynamic backup attitude and traffic display. The iPhone also supports Glance Mode, allowing you to swipe within Synthetic Vision to view terrain and traffic in any direction.

    Synthetic Vision is included in Pro Plus subscriptions and above.

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