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    ForeFlight & Flight Simulators

    Staying at home doesn't mean you have to stay on the ground! Watch Ryan McBride, ForeFlight's Lead Designer, demonstrate how to use ForeFlight with flight simulators to maintain your ForeFlight know-how. CFI and aviation photographer Chris Palmer (@AngleOfAttack) will also join this webinar to provide commentary and share insights based on his use of flight simulators with ForeFlight.

    ForeFlight for Australia

    Join ForeFlight support team members and Australian pilots Greg McAllister and Kristina Brown as they discuss the recent ForeFlight release, which brought support for our all-in-one solution to general aviation pilots and flight departments in the Australian region. Access Airservices VFR & IFR Enroute Charts, Procedure & Aerodrome Charts, Documents, file flights directly, and much more all within ForeFlight.

    ForeFlight for Student Pilots

    Join Kendall Stovall and Alex McMillan, both ForeFlight experts and active CFIs, as they explain what every student pilot needs to know about ForeFlight. They will walk you through setting up an aircraft and weight & balance, finding and uploading documents, and other features needed to plan your first flight. Kendall and Alex will also point out helpful features to help users on any subscription plan get the most out of ForeFlight.

    ForeFlight for Student Pilots

    Join Susan DeCastro and Chris Mauser as they discuss the benefits of incorporating ForeFlight into flight training from the student’s perspective. ForeFlight can help demonstrate and reinforce fundamental aviation concepts, provide greater inflight safety and confidence, and help students stay organized with Logbook, Documents, and more.

    ForeFlight's Enhanced and Integrated Weight & Balance

    Join Product Manager Thomas Daugherty and Sr. Customer Success Coordinator Rachel Scarbrough to learn how ForeFlight’s Enhanced Weight & Balance feature allows you to create, edit, and plan with your W&B profiles more easily. Thomas and Rachel will walk through how to migrate your existing W&B profiles as well as create new ones using pre-built templates for hundreds of aircraft types. They will also demonstrate the powerful new integration with Flights available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

    ForeFlight’s Integrated & Automated Solution for Bombardier Operators

    ForeFlight and Bombardier staff demonstrate how ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance capabilities can help Bombardier pilots improve their flight planning workflow. This webinar includes a complete walkthrough of the flight planning workflow from aircraft setup to Weight & Balance configuration and Runway Analysis calculations.

    ForeFlight's Integrated Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance

    Join Aircraft Performance Team Lead Jordan Hovland and ForeFlight’s QA/Product Analyst and active Bombardier pilot Josh Pava to learn how ForeFlight’s integrated Runway Analysis and recently-enhanced Weight & Balance capabilities can help pilots and flight departments alike improve their flight planning workflows.

    Fun Facts About FARs

    Did you know that regulations were not written to make a pilot’s life miserable? Regulations are designed to help protect the pilot.  That’s right, and we will look as some of the most common regulations and see how they truly do protect us.  We will look at a few cases that emphasize why we have regulations.  In addition, we will take an in-depth look at some of the regulations that pilot misinterpret, like logging PIC in a single-engine General Aviation aircraft.

    Getting Approved to Fly with ForeFlight (November 2023)

    Join the ForeFlight and Jeppesen teams to learn how they can support you in seeking regulatory approval to fly with ForeFlight Mobile and make the switch from Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck. In this webinar we’ll cover the latest details about the upcoming sunset of Mobile FliteDeck in January 2024, provide an overview of the regulatory documents our teams have prepared to help your operation seek paperless approval with ForeFlight, and demonstrate the benefits of ForeFlight to pilots and account administrators alike.

    Getting Started with ForeFlight for Business

    Join Senior Customer Success Coordinator Chris Mauser and Enterprise Account Executive Grady Hughes to learn the essential first steps in getting started with a new ForeFlight Business account. The two will highlight the benefits of ForeFlight’s integrated platform for flight departments, demonstrate how to manage aircraft, users, and linked Jeppesen subscriptions, and will also show what the setup process looks like from your pilots’ perspective.

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