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    Getting Started with ForeFlight (January 2024)

    Join ForeFlight support staff to learn everything you need to get spun up and off the ground with ForeFlight. They will demonstrate the essentials of critical workflows like using the map, setting up your aircraft, the multiple approaches to route planning, as well as tips and tricks to maximize your use of ForeFlight in no time.

    Getting the Most Out of Your ForeFlight Subscription in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Dominik Ochmanek as he demonstrates key ForeFlight features and capabilities to help any pilot get the most out of their current subscription plan. From entry-level features included in the Basic plan to terrain and hazard awareness features in Pro and advanced flight planning features in Performance, every pilot can walk away with learning something new. He’ll also demonstrate ForeFlight’s Subscription Advisor, which can help you decide which plan may work best for the types of flying you do.

    Going Digital with ForeFlight Logbook

    There’s never been a better time to bring your old paper logbook into the 21st century! Join Joey Arena, a member of ForeFlight’s Customer Success team, as he walks through the steps of digitizing your logbook and importing your hours, certificates, endorsements, and more into ForeFlight Logbook. He’ll also show how to convert and import an existing digital logbook from another service into ForeFlight. This session includes Q&A with Joey and Thomas Daugherty, ForeFlight's Logbook Project Manager.

    High-Performance Pilots Roundtable

    Join us to learn tips and tricks that can help pilots of high-performance aircraft better utilize ForeFlight for their planning and flying. This roundtable discussion includes several ForeFlight staff members as well as senior pilots from leading flight departments sharing insights into their professional use of ForeFlight, including workflow-enhancing features you might not know about.

    ICAO Filing Made Easy

    Join Rob MacLeod of ForeFlight’s Flight Operations team as he explains the power and simplicity of filing ICAO flight plans from ForeFlight. Rob will cover the meaning and purpose of each field in the standard ICAO form, demystify the numerous ICAO filing codes, and demonstrate how to set everything up properly to start filing ICAO in ForeFlight.

    IFR Flight Planning & Filing in Europe

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Wolfgang Oestreich to learn the essentials of planning, filing, and flying IFR in Europe. Wolfgang will explain how to configure your aircraft’s filing codes, how to easily generate and file a EUROCONTROL-valid route in seconds, and how to organise the procedure charts you’ll need for the flight.

    Introducing Military Flight Bag One

    Join ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag team to learn all about MFB One, the new top-tier subscription plan for military pilots that puts the power of a mission planning system on your iPad. MFB One includes Time on Target, which helps pilots reach a target at a specified moment, an integration with the Air Force’s Joint Environmental Toolkit system to request DD-175-1 weather briefings right in ForeFlight, the DOD global obstacle database to support approved obstacle planning anywhere on Earth, and more.

    Jeppesen NavData

    Watch Mike Ablanczy present the Jeppesen NavData webinar. Get an inside peek at Jeppesen NavData and learn how we produce services that get you flying, and keep you flying. Learn more about buying Jeppesen NavData here.

    Logbook On ForeFlight Web

    See how easy web-based logging is with an informative webinar! Hosted by Logbook Product Lead Thomas Daugherty, this webinar walks through the new interface and demonstrates powerful tips and tricks to speed up your logging. Following this, Logbook Support Specialist Joey Arena will show how easy it is to convert your paper logbook to digital using the new web-based interface.

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